[FREELANCE] EXOtic’s Fiction “Terrified” – Part 4




Terrified EXO Fanfiction (COVER)


Author : cornelia v. (@baekhyunchik )

Genre : Romance

Length : Chaptered (on going)

Main Cast:
– Park Chanyeol
– Kim Liya (You)
– Wu Fan
– Kim Jong In

Other Cast:
– some other EXO members


*Disclaim : SEMUA FANFICTION YANG DIPOST exo1stwonderplanet.wordpress.com adalah milik author yang menulis. DO NOT POST ANYWHERE WITHOUT ANY PERMISSION. And after read, please give comment^^ Every words from EXOWPers is A GOLD! *bow*



-Author POV-

The conversation between Park Si Yeon and Lee Soo Man were end up with a marriage agreement. The atmosphere in that room somehow turned 180 degrees. There are no smile that emanated from the two of them anymore.



“Let’s go home Liya, Chanyeol,” said Mrs. Park Si Yeon as she was already came out from the room. Walked towards elevator, without even looking backward nor waiting a response from both of them.

“What? But-” Chanyeol was about to protest, but Lee Soo Man cut him off. Again.

“Get a rest and come back here tomorrow, Park Chanyeol-ssi.”


“I said come back here tomorrow!!” he repeat his word but with a different tones. “Now go home with your mom!!”

Lee Soo Man’s voice successfully made Chanyeol startled. He could do nothing except complying what Lee Soo Man told him to. He followed his mom right away and so does Liya.





“Mom, stop!!” Shouted Chanyeol as the three of them arrived already at their house.  Their steps were stopped in the living room. “I can’t wait anymore. Explain everything right now!!”

That old woman take a seat on her own sofa, “Liya’s mom… was just dead. We have made a promise to married you off as if you have grown up.  And I think this is the time.”


“What?.. but-“ he seems like showing a sorry expression awhile but then still about to protest. Liya was still on her position, standing beside his mom and seems have no idea what to do except silent. Keep on her mouth shut.


“Lee Soo Man.. He had agreed with the marriage,” she interrupted.

“Wh..wh..what?!” asked Chanyeol, stammered. “My.. my career?? EXO?? My fans??”



“Tsh. It’s not like you will out from EXO.”

“You break the rules, the contract!! And yeah, it’s mean I’m out right?!” he guessed.



“He agreed the marriage without terminate the contract, okey! Satisfied?” Mrs. Park Si Yeon tried to explain.


“How can that happen?!” asked him, with suspicious. “I never know Lee Soo Man can give that kind of permission before?!”



No respond. He knew it already. Isn’t it because they were friend, that’s why Lee Soo Man can give her that kind of tolerant?! Chanyeol really dislike this kind of un-professional side.



“But still! I can’t! how it my fans disagree with this marriage?? My fans are my everything. How if they hate me and how if I don’t have a fans anymore because of this? It’s not funny when an artist doesn’t have fans!!”


“Who said they will know?

“What?” he’s getting more confused.



“We will make a secret marriage. This marriage will be unpublic. Only family and close friend who will know about this marriage.”


“Are you kidding me? What kind of marriage is that?” he sigh then continue, “Marriage is a beautiful thing, it is not something that you have to keep secret from the other. Marriage is a happy thing that people must see,”



“Fine,” she smiled and patted his shoulders. He has grown up for sure. She couldn’t believe that her son, could say such words. She saw nothing wrong with his words. Yeah, marriage is a beautiful thing that people must see. But the fact, he is an artist. A marriage for an artist like him is a bad thing to do. No one will be happy for that. “Then let’s public this marriage, let your fans know about this, then they will-”

“Mom!!” He stopped her.



“10 years.. wait until 10 years…  After my contract ends, I’ll marry her,”  “Maybe.” he added quickly as he saw Liya’s weird expression.





Sigh. “I don’t love her mom, okey! You can’t force me. This is my life, not yours!.. and this is my heart, not yours!”


Mrs. Park placed her hand on her left chest and pressed it a little. She felt something but she still hide it. No one notice. “I know it’s yours. But I know what’s best for you. I know what’s right for you. I know you more than you know yourself. You can thank me later about this.”

No one understand her words. No one but herself.



“Doesn’t mean you can force her too!” this time Chanyeol pointing his finger to Liya’s direction. The one who have been pointed by him were even showing her double weird expression. “You didn’t know anything about her! She loved someone! She already have someone! She already have her own choice! So stop forcing her mom! Please stop this stupid marriage!”

The words that Chanyeol just said, were really capable to made liya’s eyes became wide open, even doubled. What is he trying to say?




“Is that true, Liya?” that old woman still pressing her left chest, even more harder than before. She was about to fall into the floor, but fortunately Chanyeol could catch her body first.


Sawing that, Liya tried to approach, “Ahjumma, what happen? Are you sick?” at the same time, Chanyeol shouted too, “Eomma, wae geurae?”

“Tell me, is it true?” she ignored all the question. Her eyes was focus catching on Liya’s.




“No, it is not true ahjumma, it is not. I swear it is not true.” She’s panic, she only can say that, cause that is the truth. A second later, that old woman was already unconscious.






“Ya! Can you drive?” asked Chanyeol trembled which is then being answered with a nod by Liya.

“Get ready the car, I’ll carry her” said Chanyeol while passing a key to her.






Park Chanyeol POV-

Luckily, dr. Kim Sang Joong-our mom’s doctor, doesn’t have any operation schedule for today, so that he can handle our mom directly as we have arrived at hospital.

We-me and Liya- were sitting, waiting outside the room. For a several times, I saw the nurse carrying medical equipment into the room. Medical equipment that were seems so strange to me.






“Huhhh.. your mom was really a stubborn.” dr. Kim Sang Joong  approached me as he already came out from the room.

“What happen?” I asked him right away. I saw Liya standing beside me, were even more curious on how is it going.

“She got heart attacked. Will be better if she stay in hospital for a couple days,” He answered. “I guess the medicine that I have gave one week ago is not even being drunk by her.”



“Medicine? One week ago?”

“O.. Why? She didn’t tell you? She often came to hospital lately. The state of her heart increasingly made me worried. I told her to get a well rest, and drink the medicine that I gave her, but I think she didn’t listen to me. How stubborn she is.”

“And now she got a mild stroke, On her both leg and her left hand.” he continued.

“What???” O.O



“But It won’t be permanent, so don’t worry,” he patted my shoulder, convincing me that there is nothing to be worried about. “I will try to do my best.”


“You can see her if you want. And don’t make her stress too much, okey?” he continued before leaving us.








I was about to come inside the room but then I stepped back. “Look, let’s make a deal.. I just.. don’t want… something bad happen to my mom,” I found myself thinking too much before continue speaking, to her.



“Let.. just.. married..”

“I know.. I know.. we didn’t love each other, right?” I quickly continued, afraid that she will protest right away. “But let just married.. for a couple months maybe? Or year? .. Then we can divorce later with an excuse? I mean, let just do what our parent want at this time, then later.. we can say to them that we were not good for each other, we were not match anymore, and many things else…”

“We were not even going to live in one house anyway. I will live in a dorm with my group, and you will live in your own house. You can make this as an excuse later. You can say to them that you got bored with me, I never came home, I never have time for you.. I don’t think they will still force us after that. I mean  cause this is the truth. How come a married couple didn’t live together? Am I right?”


“Something bad will happen if I keep defying  her, so..could you please.. at least..”


“Deal.. then let’s do it” she interrupt, answered fast with no doubt. Seem like she understand what I mean. She entered the room first without even facing me again.





She was already conscious. That old woman who was lying on the bed was already conscious. I saw a lot of cables attached to her body, infusion hose is not even counted.



“How did you feel now, ahjumma?” asked Liya, holding her hand.

“Better,” she smiled. She tried to convince us that she was fine, but all medical equipment around her was clearly proved that she lied.






I walked over to her. Seeing her face more closer. Eomma, You look so tired.






“The marriage.. we’ll do it.” I said as her eyes catch mine already.


“I’ll marry her,” I continued,  “So don’t worry.”














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