[FREELANCE] EXOtic’s Fiction “Terrified” – Part 3




Terrified EXO Fanfiction (COVER)



Author : cornelia v. (@baekhyunchik )

Genre : Romance

Length : Chaptered (on going)

Main Cast:
– Park Chanyeol
– Kim Liya (You)
– Wu Fan
– Kim Jong In

Other Cast:
– some other EXO members

*Disclaim : SEMUA FANFICTION YANG DIPOST exo1stwonderplanet.wordpress.com adalah milik author yang menulis. DO NOT POST ANYWHERE WITHOUT ANY PERMISSION. And after read, please give comment^^ Every words from EXOWPers is A GOLD! *bow*



  -Kim Liya POV-

“To be honestly… we have something to tell you..”

“Tell me then..”



“We want you to get married with Chanyeol,” said my father straightly.



“What?? you want me what??” i couldn’t tell how shocked am i. “Married??.. with a stranger??”

“He is not a stranger… you know him well. You were used to be friend with him,” he tries to straighten my words. “I don’t have much time. I will come back to Canada next week.. i have been leaving my company for almost 8 months, and everything was unhandled right there.. so we must make this marriage as soon as possible before i go to Canada.”



“What??? are you kidding me dad?? but.. but.. but why?? why him?? why Chanyeol?”


“So who will it be?!! I even never see you with any guys before” its sad, but he’s true.


“I can find another man.. i will found in no time..” I tried to make an excuse. “And.. next week is too fast!.. I can married next time if you came again to Seoul anyway.. why so in rush?”



Mrs. Park Si Yeon take her deep breath. “This is your mother last will. We even have discussed it when both of you were still little. She want you to be with a right person. And so do i. I think you are the right one for my son. Didn’t you love your mom? can you please at least make her dream came true?”



“But.. I didn’t love him,” yeah i am totally lying. “And.. maybe so does him.”



“Dear.. Sometimes, love is not told by mouth to mouth, but it’s told by heart to heart. You just need to keep your eyes wide open. Try to hear the inaudible, try to feel the unseen.”

“He will say it through his heart, not through his mouth,” she continued. “So pay a lot attention to him,”



I found myself  in a silence. Why am I not trying to refused it anymore?

only my heart who can understand..



“We will meet Chanyeol tomorrow, so get ready for yourself dear..”





>>fast skip>>

(10 AM in the morning)

As what we talked yesterday.. Today, is the day that i will meet him, Park Chanyeol.


I thought we were going to her house, which is just need to take about 35 steps from my house to get there. But its seems like i’m wrong.. she told me to came inside her car instead. Where are we going?




“Appa?? your not coming with us???” I just realized that my father were still standing out from the car.

“Ani.. appa need to meet someone today.. you can just go with her.. you’re okey right?”




“I’m…. ok..”  i could only end up saying this.




“Where are we going ahjumma?” I asked as the car were start running.

“SM buliding dear..” she answered simply while focus on driving.

“SM?? what is that?”

“SM.. SM entertainment.. didn’t you know it?”

“SM entertainment? no.. why? is it popular?” i mean why? aren’t we suppose to meet chanyeol?



“It is very popular! oh my, i don’t believe you don’t know it. Chanyeol now has became one of the artists from SM entertainment. To be exactly, he is a boyband now. His groups name is EXO, they were 12 members in one group… and owwwh all of the members were absolutely handsome..”she smiled. “But still, our Chanyeol is the most handsome one kkkkk” i looked at her and found out she’s laughing at herself for what she has just said.

“Chanyeol now used to live in a dorm that SM gave them,” she continued. “All exo member live together in that dorm. Well not really all.. the other 6 member sometimes live in china because they were promoting in china.”



I pay attention on her, i keep listening to all the story that she was trying to tell me, but to be honestly, i didn’t really understand all of it. The only thing that i get, is that, now, that man-Park Chanyeol, have become an artist.


I realize that i have been trying hard to hide my laugh, hoping ahjumma couldn’t see it.


Artist? boy band? i can’t imagine it…



“He only will came home if he has a free time, but that free time were almost impossible.”



“Well.. if  he can’t come to us, then why don’t we just came to him instead?”she looked at me awhile and gave me a bright smile.

I replied her with a flat smile.






-Park Chanyeol POV-

(SM Building)

“Eomma… Didn’t i always told you to just wait outside?!.. kaja!..”

This woman called me again this morning, said that she willl come to see me. And I couldn’t remember how many time did i have told her to just wait outside SM if she want to see me, but she always end up sitting in Mr. Lee Soo Man’s room and waiting me to come in.


My mom, was one of the biggest SM investor . She’s pretty close with Lee Soo Man. I heard that they were friends in their school, but seriously, no matter how close they are, aren’t they have to act professional? this isn’t school, this isn’t reunion, this is an office anyway!


I saw another woman in the room. It seems like my mom didn’t came alone today, she brought someone with her. That woman was sitting quietly beside my mom, slightly lowered her head. But even so, i still can see her face clearly.


Young and..




“Honestly, i came here just want to see you, but Lee Soo Man told me to wait you here. Well i think it’s not bad enough, cause actually there is also something i need to talk to him.”

“Oh really? what is it? sound so serious anyway…” lee soo man joked her.



“I want him to marry this girl” mom put her arm around that pretty woman. Signifying that she was the one that she meant.




Silence in a moment. As like everyone in the room were trying to grasp every words that she had said.




“What?? oh mom stop joking please?!” i shocked and panic at the same time. I see no smile anymore on Lee Soo Man face after what my mom just said.


“Did my face shows like i’m telling a joke right now??”

“But it sound like a joke!” i quickly respond her. “You want me to married her? someone that i’ve just met? someone that i don’t even know her name?”

“Her name is Kim Liya!”



Suddenly, I became speechless after heard the name.

kim… liya?


Is it really you?



Long time no see..



“It is already have been described in the contract that are not allowed to have any relationship especially marriage..” this time, lee soo man trying to speak up, still on his chair, showing his non smile expression.



“If so.. ” she sigh, “Then let chanyeol out from EXO.. from SM too if he has too. I will bear the fines”




“Eomma?! are you sick? did you hurt somewhere?” I placed my hand right on her forehead, just to make sure that she has no fever or something else. “I’m sorry Mr. Lee Soo Man.. I think there is something wrong with my moms head. Leave this to me, i’ll–”



“Park Chanyeol…” he cut me off. “You better wait outside.. bring that woman with you. I’ll talk with your mom”


I can do nothing, I obeyed Mr. lee soo man orders, i pulled Liya’s hand to leave the room with me without saying any words again. A few second later, we were already in front of lee soo man room.



“Aw.. let go my hand! it’s pain!!”


“Ya.. yollie.. what’s wrong?” Baekhyun with his panic face. He stopped playing his phone immediately as he saw me. I was asking him to accompanied me before and told him to wait outside the room. I ignored him.


“You!” i pointed my finger to her forehead and slightly pushed her forehead backward. “Do you even have to show up your face to me again? and what?? marriage?? you must be kidding me!!”

“Do you think I want it too?? and would you please stop hurting me like that?? you didn’t even change at all!”



“Liya?..” I saw kris just came out from elevator, stepping towards her. “why are you in here?”

he knows her?



“Kris?” she put her unbelievable expression when she found out kris were already on her back. She grabbed kris hand right away and take him pretty far away from me. They know each other?



I can still see them from here.  I saw them talking to each other, but i can’t hear exactly what they are talking about.

Where are her manner anyway? didn’t i still talk to her? did i say that i have finished talk with her? she’s leaving me like that? and what now? she’s hugging kris?? oh and there he go, he hugged her back!! am i watching a drama or something?? you two better get a room!!

why am i like this?



“Ya.. yollie..who is she?” again, Baekhyun with his question -.-”





-Kim Liya POV-

At first, i didn’t believe if he was chanyeol. It is not that i’m trying to say that he was ugly long time ago, but i should also admit that he became more handsome than before. How about his voice? what’s wrong with his voice? i feel goose bumps everytime i hear him talk and really.. he was not that tall, i mean.. i used to be taller than him before, but look at now, i must lifted my head everytime i wanna talk to him.


But then, he grabbed my hand and pulled harshly, now i’m really sure that this man was absolutely Park Chanyeol.

Chanyeol, annyeong.

Long time no see..


Then as we were about to start debating to each other, suddenly someone called my name behind my back. I found out it was kris.

Should I tell you how surprise I am?







“Kris?” I grab his hand  immediately and take him far away with me. A few seconds later we already standing right beside an emergency stairs.



“Kris..” I spoke up after make sure that chanyeol couldn’t hear us. “Don’t tell me… you.. work in here?!”

“I.. do work in here.. and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you anything about this before..” I saw a same expression on his face. How not? We haven’t meet each other for almost 5 years. We still get our communication before, but not until 10 months ago. Suddenly he just disappear, I heard no news about him. I even thought bad things had happen to him. But meet him today, I am also happy..

Wait.. what?..




“Do you have any idea when was the last time you call me??”

“I know..” he sigh. “300 days ago right?.. and I’m sorry” he stroked my hair. Yeah, he did that, as always.

I hugged him tightly, i have no idea how tightly it was . “I really need a hug kris… Can you please stay still?.. just.. one minute,” I’m glad he didn’t refused it at all, he even hugged me back. I really need a hug, i really do need someone that i can lean on the shoulder. I am happy, but some thing hurt in my heart. I’m not sure why..




“I heard about your mom..” he whispered. “I’m sorry to hear that”

I realize I have been hugged him more tightly than before, “I miss you kris..”

“Hmm.. nado”




-Park Si Yeon POV-

“They were still young to get married”

“They have grown enough..”

“But it seems like they were not loving each other, why you forced them to?”

“You just don’t know anything, WHY WOULD YOU INTERFERE??” I suddenly felt so annoyed with all the questions that he accused.



He sigh. “why do you have to be like this? you know it very well that chanyeol were so rising lately, he was even be able to defeat his seniors. SM will got huge losses if chanyeol have to be out. And what if there will be a demo of his fans? is there no other way that could be better than this?”

“Too bad,  i have no other way Lee Soo Man. You choose.. marriage agreement or chanyeols out.”  nothing else i can say, i was on my way to leave his room.



“OKEY!” he shouted, stopped my step. “But really.. we can’t make this into public. If you really want this marriage so badly, you must do it quietly!.. i believe you do understand what i mean..”


“Leave that to me..” I understand it clearly. My son is an artist now. A scandal rumour will create a bad influence for his career.



“And if…” He continued. “Someday.. someone noticed about this marriage.. you know what will happen right?.. that girl.. she’s the one that will be hurt the most!.. you just don’t have any idea how scary teen fans are…. keep that in mind.”












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