[FREELANCE] EXOtic’s Fiction “Terrified” – Part 2




Terrified EXO Fanfiction (COVER)


Author : cornelia v. (@baekhyunchik )

Genre : Romance

Length : Chaptered (on going)

Main Cast:
– Park Chanyeol
– Kim Liya (You)
– Wu Fan
– Kim Jong In

Other Cast:
– some other EXO members


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-Park Chanyeol POV-

(At SM Building)

“Aishhh… why is this woman kept telling me to  came home?!!!!!” I can’t  focus on my practice cause her calls were keep distracting me.



“Who? who??” D.O and Luhan were asking me twice at the same time, then started to came closer to me.

“My mom!!” I answered as i tried to hold my anger.  ”I told her that i’m busy because we have to prepare our comeback… but she won’t listen and now she KEPT calling me EVEN I’VE ALREADY REJECT HER CALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!”


“Yaaa yeollie.. don’t be like that.. maybe she has something important to tell you..” right over there, i saw baekhyun was still dancing with his new choreography, spoke up.



“YAA PARK CHANYEOL! who told you to play your phone at this time?” behind the door of our practice room, i saw our manager Lee Sunghwan standing right there, shouting…. on me. we were all being shocked by his voice.  I  saw D.O and Luhan were running back to their original place and continue practicing with their dance immediately.


“You don’t wanna comeback huh?? you’re not bored with your MAMA song? you don’t need a new one? THROW THAT PHONE AWAY BEFORE I’LL MAKE YOU SHORTER!!!!!”


“Neee.. i’m sorry hyung…i’m really really sorry…”






-Kim Liya POV-

I laid down my body on bed as i got into my room. or should i said my childhood room?

uh………. I even have a lot memories with mom in this room..



Suddenly, i feel like some part of me had been taken back to my old childhood memories.. right where everything was about my mom..

the time where she used to tell me stories before i goes to sleep,


the time when she helped me do my homework,


the time when she teach me english language with patiently,


the time where she used to scolded me when i was too lazy to study on exam days,


the time when she gave me her handmade blanket as my birthday present, and i used it everyday


wait a minute?! the handmade blanket?!! now i just realize that i haven’t seen that blanket since i came to seoul..


Did ajumma probably replaced it somewhere?



I quickly get up from my bed and intend to go down stairs to ask our housekeeper whether she saw the blanket or not, but my steps stopped at the last stair when i saw a woman. a woman who wore a white dress that i have saw before at our mom’s funeral. she’s now sitting on our sofa.


“Annyeong Liya..” wait.. she’s speaking to me? she knows my name?

“since when did you arrived in seoul dear?” she continued.



“2… months… ago….” i still stand at the last stair. not even think to get closer to her.


“I heard you were just finished with your fashion school design.. your dream were really came true.. I am happy for you. oh.. and i also heard that you want to to open your own boutique here?”


“Yes.. but i am sorry… do i know you?” i still put my respect while asking.


“You don’t know me? don’t tell me you don’t remember me??” i saw her shocked expression.

“I’m sorry..” 



“Park Si Yeon,” she smiled. “Now you remember?”


Park Si Yeon..


Park Si Yeon..

I still tried to remember..


Park.. Si.. Yeon..

Now i remembered. Uh how can i forget?? i found my self smiling to her right now. i ran to her directly and hug her right away.

“How can I not recognize you before? oh please forgive me..” I felt so guilty.



My mom’s best friend, Park Si Yeon. We also used to live as a neighbour before. or maybe still until now?… 


If i’m not wrong, the last time i met her was 14 years ago. Right before we all moved to Canada because of our father’s new job. But even we moved to Canada, we never had any intention to sell this house. my mom said that she believe she will came back to this house someday. well…. yeah she did.. she came back to Seoul 8 months ago, right when she she knew that her illness is getting worse.. until 2 months later she got her coma.


No one who inhabit this house while we are living in Canada. Just ahjumma, a person that we trust the most, who used to be a housekeeper that stayed in here.


And me? yes.. I just came back to Seoul 2 months ago. I just finished my school design, that’s why i can’t came back with mom earlier. but as i finished, i came to Seoul immediately.



“It’s okey dear..  you were so little back there, how can you remember..”  she hugged me back.


“But why you didn’t came to us in the funeral? and why you were wearing white?” I’m asking to her with full of curious.


“Dear..” she sigh. “Your mom knew that she will leave us soon…. she said she can feel it.”


“Before she got coma, she told me that if someday it will be her funeral, she want me to wore white dress instead of black. She knows that there will be so many people wore black and she can’t imagine how scary it was… she want me, at lease  her only best friend to not used black like the other.”



She keep silent in a moment, then give a flat smile, “But what kind of best friend am I? i have no courage to came to my best friends funeral at least to say good bye.. i was just… so sad”


“Its okey ahjumma, i understand what you feel.” as i make sure her not to cry.


“Have you meet my dad?”

“Of course.. he is the one who open the door for me… oh, and there he is…” she’s pointing her finger to my fathers direction. one minute later my father were already sitting, joined us.




“To be honestly… we have something to tell you..”











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