[FF COMPETITION] EXOtic’s Fiction “When Love Ends”

**Title : When Love Ends

**Author : @opparsjawline

**Genre : Romance

**Length : Oneshoot – 8 Pages

**Language : English

**Main Character :

-Do Kyung Soo

-Choi Minah (OC)



He wakes up every day at 5 AM and just to practice singing inside SM Building. SM Entertainment, the biggest and the most successful entertainment of all entertainments in Korea. He auditioned for it 2 years ago and SM accepted him as a trainee. He was so happy, until he knew that he has to practice more than 10 hours per day. But remembering that this is what he wants, he always wait patiently until the day he can shine like his sunbaes.

He stops in front of his old school just to wait for his childhood friend. Not only a childhood friend, more than that. But not a girlfriend yet. He looks at his watch.

“10 more minutes” he says to his self. After 10 minutes, the bell rang. He lift his head just to see whether his friend has come out yet. There she is. A not so tall girl with long brown hair, walk towards him.

“Oppa!” she exclaimed. His smile grew wider when he saw her walking towards him. She stopped in front of him and give him a warm smile. “Oppa, been waiting long?” she asked him and he shook his head as he messed her hair playfully.

“No, not at all. Let’s go?” he grabs her hand and hold it tightly. She pouted but give him a smile in the end.

No, they are not even in a relationship. None of them are ready to tell how they really feel. Especially him. He’s afraid he’ll hurt her. They stopped in a park, where they used to play when they were still 7. He told her to sit on a bench. He quickly take a paper from his bag and she smiles.

“Another song for me?” she asked and he nodded happily. He starts to sing the song. The song he made by himself. She closed her eyes and enjoying his voice. Never she said she hates his songs. She likes it, she likes it very much. Every single song that he made for her. Although all of his songs are about her, about love, she never consider it as his true feelings for her. ‘It’s just a song’ she said.

“Oppa! It’s already 3 PM! Your break time is over! Ppali go back to the company!” she said while he was singing for her. He stopped and his eyes got wider.

“What?” he quickly check on his watch and it’s true, it’s already 3 PM. He quickly turns around but stop after all, he looks back at her and wave. She waves back. He smiles happily and leave her.

Always like this. She never really tell him how she feels about all his songs. She always says “I’m happy” “Thank you” “I love the song” always, always, and always the same words. But he never ask her how she really feels towards those songs. He knows why. Why she closes her heart towards everyone’s love. Her parents abandoned her when she was 8. They never really consider her as their daughter. She has 2 older sisters. Both of them are really perfect. Good grades, have lots of friends, handsome boyfriend, everything. Her parents always gave them what they want. But not for her. There was a time when she asked her parents to come to her school to watch her playing a drama as the main role. But no, her parents never came to watch her. And when her sisters play a drama but not as the main role, they always there. Watched them and supported them no matter what they did. Whether is it bad things or good things. As long as they are happy, her parents are happy.

‘She is beautiful’ he said inside his mind. Never in his life he doesn’t like her. Never in his life he wants to leave her alone. He wants to protect her from every bad thing that might happen. He loves her. He loves her more than he loves himself.

“Oppa, I want to be an astronaut” she said when she was 9. He said go for it because there aren’t many female astronaut out there. He made a song about her who wanted to be an astronaut and sang the song for her the next day.

“Oppa, now I want to be a fashion designer” she said when she was 11. He said go for it since it’s a good job for girls. He made a song about her who wanted to be a fashion designer and sang the song for her the next day. The song, resemble as his support for her.

“Oppa, what do you want to be?” she asked. He always said he wants to be a singer. “Then go for it oppa!” she said. Those words, those simple words saying ‘go for it’ is like a magic for him. He goes for it. He fought for it. She might change her dream, but he will always support her no matter what. But his dream to become a singer, with the word ‘go for it’ that came out from her, he will fight for it no matter what.

He made a song. A song called ‘A Support’. The song tells about his feelings when she supported him to become a singer. He sang it in front of her. She said she likes it so bad. Although the word he wants to hear is “I’ll always support you, Oppa. Go for it”. Yes, that word. Go for it. He wants to hear that word once again, but she never said it again.

He is standing in front of a big mirror in SM’s practice room. He is holding a microphone.

“Ok, kyungsoo. I’ll play the music, please sing it correctly. I’ll record it, ok?” said the trainer to him. He nodded. The trainer plays the song. It’s ‘The Name I Love” by SHINee.  All he could think about is her. He starts singing that song. He pours all of his feelings to the song. After the song is finish, he quickly run towards the trainer.

“Can I have the records?” he asked.

“For what?” asked the trainer to him.

“I want to give it to my friend” he replied and the trainer give him the record. He quickly send the song to her. He can’t wait for her reaction. His heart beats faster because inside the message, he writes “I was thinking about you when I sang this song”


His phone rang. He quickly checked the message from her.

“Your voice is so cool”

He scrolls down again but nothing is there except ‘your voice is so cool’. He sighed. Why only that? He asked to himself. He said he was thinking about her, but she didn’t give him any response. He closed his phone and threw it to his bag.

“Kyungsoo, come here” said the trainer.

“Yes, hyung?” he walks towards his trainer.

“This is your opportunity, kyungsoo. The boss wants you to debut with other 11 people. You’ll be in the same team as jongin” said the trainer. Jongin, his best friend. It feels like the best day of his life. His eyes got wider and also his smile.

“Hyung? Are you serious?” he asked once again. His trainer nodded and he screams in happiness. He grabs his phone and dial her number.


“Hello? Hello? Minah, listen! I’m going to debut soon!” he tells her about the good news.

“Oh my, really? Oppa, chukae!” she said. “Now you can shine like the other idols out there” she continues. He nodded with a big smile on his face.

“Thanks for always being there for me. I love you…” he said. His heart beats ten times faster than before. He is waiting for her answer.

“You’re welcome. Look oppa, I need to wash the dishes. So, see you around?” she replied. He froze.

‘Didn’t I tell you that I love you?’ he asked himself.

“Oppa?” she asked again.

“Oh, yeah sure. I’m going to.. Practice singing again. See you around” he push the end button. He felt like he wants to cry. But he holds it.

His first teaser has come out. He runs towards her school and wait outside. He arrives just in time. The bell rang. He saw her walking towards the gate. He waves at her and she gives him a bautiful smile.

“Minah, listen! My first prolog song is out today! I have the video in my phone here, you want to see it?” he smiles brightly.

“Really? I want to see it! Come on! Come on!” she pulls him towards a bench near them. They sit down and he plays the video. She smiles everytime she saw him in the video.

“OMG oppa it’s you!” she said and he giggled. After the video is finish, he asked her about her comment.

“The video is so cool! Especially the one who looks a lot like you!” she said.

“Oh, junmyun hyung? Yeah, but I’m more handsome right?” he asked her and she giggled. “Ah! I’ll sing the song for you!” he said. He stands up and starts to sing ‘What Is Love’ in front of her. She enjoys it so much. After he finished, she claps her hand. “How’s my voice?” he asked.

“So cool!” she replied.

“And.. What do you think about me?” he asked more serious. She blinks innocently, like she doesn’t understand what he said.

“You’re cool” she finally gave him answer while giving him thumbs up. “Just like a professional singer!” she said. He gulped down.

“I mean, what do you think about me? Your feelings towards me” he asked seriously. She is just looking at him. He bit his lips. “Minah, you know I lo-“

“Oppa, I have so many homeworks for tomorrow! So, see you tomorrow!” she stood up and wave at him. “Bye!” she said. He was lost for words. He just gave her a slight smile. He stood there for about 3 minutes before walking away towards the company.

Second prolog is out, but he couldn’t reach her. He can’t call her, nor see her. Everytime he waits her in front of her school, he never saw her again. And finally, MAMA MV is out. His debut song. He tries to call her again.

“Hello?” she answered.

“M-Minah?” he said, disbelief that she picked up the call.

“Ne oppa! How are you?” she asked him.

“I’m.. I’m fine. What about you?” he asked back.

“I’m uh.. So busy nowadays. I’ve seen your performances in so many music programs, oppa!” she said. “You’re so cool!” she continues. That again. So cool.

“I’m only just ‘cool’ huh?” he asked. It was an awkward silence for 10 seconds. “Umm, my manager calls me, I need to go. See you around, Minah” he said.

“Ne ne.. Bye oppa!” she ends the call. He bit his lips and gulped down. He close his phone and sighed.

“D.O!” calls his manager. Yes, D.O, his stage name. “Listen, next week you’ll have your first SM Town in LA” his manager said. He widened his eyes after he heard LA.


“Yeah, work hard ok?” said his manager to him. He nodded happily.

The day he needs to fly to LA, he calls her. But no answer. He texted her, ‘Minah, I’m going to LA today. I called you but you didn’t answer my call. What do you want? I’m thinking of going to Disneyland with the members, you want something? –kyungsoo-‘

He waits patiently. He waits. But still, he got no answer. He sighs.

“D.O, ppali!” said the manager to him. He nodded.

It’s been 2 months he couldn’t reach her. She didn’t answer his phone call. She didn’t reply his text. Everytime he waits her in front of her school’s gate, he didn’t saw her walking out from the school.

“Hyung, you didn’t go to that school anymore?” asked Sehun, the youngest member from EXO. He shook his head slowly. “But I saw the girl who used to be with you a few days ago, I forgot to tell you!”

He turns his head quickly to face Sehun. “WHAT! WHERE?” he almost yelled at their youngest member.

“Easy, hyung. I saw her outside this building. She was just looking at our poster outside the building. I was going to ask her should I call you or not but she quickly left the building” Sehun explained. His face turns sad. His eyebrow furrowed and he sighed.

“Hyung” said Sehun to him. He lift his head. “You love her?”

He gives Sehun a slight smile. “With all my heart” he replied.

One day, EXO will be having a showcase in Thailand. He was going to give it a try again. He dials her number.


“…” he froze. ‘After 2 months, finally’ he said to his self.

“Oppa?” asked her. He gasped.

“Minah, you..” he stopped.

“Yes, oppa? If you want to ask me about my condition, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.” She said. He bit his lips.

“Are you avoiding me, Minah?” he asked straightly. She didn’t answer his question. “What did I do wrong?” he asked again.

“Oppa, can you sing me a song?” she asked. “Angel. I want to hear it” she said. He nodded and get ready to sing. He sings her ‘Angel’. A song about loving someone, and the feelings that go with it. After he finished singing, he asked her,

“Minah, how’s my voice?” he asked again, like he always ask her about his voice, wanting a different answer. He doesn’t want her to answer ‘cool’ but anything else.

“Oppa, your voice is the best” she replied. His smile grew wider and he giggled. “You’re going to Thailand right? Oppa, you should take care. I heard that it rains a lot in Thailand. Wear something warm okay?” she said. He nodded happily.

“Ne, Minah. You too. But, can we see each other again? Why did I never get the chance to see you again?” he asked curiously.

“After you go back from Thailand, let’s meet okay?” she asked and his eyes got wider and wider, so does his eyes.

“Ne! Ne Minah! So, I’ll call you later, okay?”

But again, no. He couldn’t see her. It’s not because she didn’t answer his calls, he’s too busy with his job. But during his busy schedule, there was 1 time he wrote a song for her. He was planning to sing it for her. The song is about his feelings, about how much he loves her but he thinks she never love him back. About she’s his all in one, his life, his love, she’s his everything.

“EXO, gather around” said their manager. All of them gathered around their manager. “You guys know 3 days again we’ll be making SMTOWN in Seoul, right? This show has to be spectacular. So, Chen, you’ll be singing with Ryeowook and Eunhyuk again, right? Work hard okay. Sehun, Luhan, Chanyeol, and D.O, DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again with TTS? Don’t forget about your past pose” said the manager. They nodded. He quickly grabs his phone to call her. “Wait guys, there are so many letters from fans but you guys got letters from your family too!” said their manager. They screamed cheerfully. Their manager calls their name one by one.

“D.O!” calls the manager. He walks towards his manager and take his letters. One from his parents and one from,

‘From: Minah
To: Kyungsoo oppa’

His eyes widened and he quickly opens the letter.

‘Oppa, how are you? I didn’t get the chance to ask your condition. How was your days in Thailand? Fun? I hope you enjoyed your days that time. I know you’re so busy until you can’t call me. There’s something I want to tell you.

Oppa, I’m not fine. I hate myself for not telling you the truth. I ails tumor. It seems like I’m joking right? But no, I’m serious. I’m not joking. Oh how I wish I can hear you singing again. I’ve been avoiding you not because I hate you. I love you. I love you so much oppa. I don’t want you to know this. I know you love me. I was so happy when you said you love me. But I’m afraid in the end I’ll leave you alone and you can’t continue your dream. Oppa, congratulations. You can be a singer now. Keep up the good work. I don’t want you to throw away your dreams just because of me. D.O hwaiting! Saranghae <3’

He widened his eyes and quickly open the letter from his parents.

‘Kyungsoo, I don’t know how you can take this but. Minah’s parents called us yesterday and said that their last daughter died because of tumor. She never told her parents that she felt painful all this time. Kyungsoo, you still remember Minah right? Let’s hope for the best for her parents and her sisters. Fighting, son. We love you’

He froze. ‘I ails tumor’ is that even serious? Is she making fun of him, and saying she ails tumor? ‘Their last daughter died because of tumor’ Who’s their last daughter? He crumpled the paper and everybody is looking at him. He throws the paper away. Kai walks towards him.

“D.O, what happened?” he asked anxiously. He saw the paper and takes it. He opens the paper and read it. His eyes got wider. He turns his face to D.O, who is holding his self from crying. Everybody gathered around Kai to read the letter. Kai quickly passed the paper to Suho and hugged D.O tightly. D.O doesn’t react. He keeps standing straight, looking forward to nowhere and his eyes are teary. Everybody gathered around D.O and calm him down.

He feels like he is deaf. He can’t hear any word. He can see everybody is saying something to him with their pity face. He blinked several times and a tear falls down from his eyes. Lay give him a tissue. Still, he doesn’t move. Kai hug him even tighter.

“D.O-ah, we’re here. Don’t cry” Kai said to him. He looks down, avoiding his members’ eye contact. He closed his eyes and starts crying. He sobs and almost yelled. Kai didn’t break the hug. He cannot stop crying. His all in one, his life, finally saying she loves him too. But she’s gone.

The day before SMTOWN, he walks towards the practice room. He saw Chen, Ryeowook, and Eunhyuk is practicing a song. He opens the door and Chen quickly run towards him.

“D.O, what are you doing here?” Chen asked him and he shook his head.

“Can i.. Sing a song for SMTOWN?” he asked to Chen. Chen blinked innocently and Ryeowook walks towards them.

“D.O, you want to sing a song? I’ll sing the song with you” Ryeowook said to him. He lift his head to face Ryeowook. “Let’s beg manager to give you the chance”

They finally get the chance. HE finally got the chance. They picked ‘Missing You’ from Fly To The Sky. It’s actually his decision. Ryeowook is just following him. They practice the song till midnight. Ryeowook can see his feelings. Ryeowook worried about him. Can he sing this song tomorrow?

Finally, the day. And after this is Ryeowook & D.O’s performance. He took a deep breath and Ryeowook hit his back slowly.

“You ready?” Ryeowook asked him and he nodded slowly. “Give your best shot, okay?”

“Ryeowook, D.O out now!” said the manager and they walk outside. The fans are screaming their name really loud. Suddenly Ryeowook give a sign to the fans to calm down their voice.

“D.O wants to say something” said Ryeowook. He turns his head to Ryeowook and Ryeowook nods.

“I.. I’m EXO’s D.O. I just want to say, this should be Chen’s special stage with Ryeowook hyung and Eunhyuk hyung. But, something happened and I just want to sing this song for this one girl, whom I consider as my only one” he said and the fans scream so loud. “She’s my life. My inspiration. She died a few days ago” he explained and he gasped, about to cry. The fans suddenly froze, no one makes sound. “So, I represent this song for her. I made a song for her, but I don’t think that song fits this condition, so I changed the song. This is my last song for her” he said and the music starts.

“Ijen guttega anirago hedo 
animyon nal kamahge ijossodo 
non danji nege jinan saramirado 
tonight is just one night 
norul ilhgi jonchorom 

Nal dashi gadgo shiphun ne maumun 
we gurohge miryonsuroun gonji 
niga obnun nal injonghal suga obnun 
tonight is just one night 
norul ilhgi jonchorom 

Hanbonman ne mamul durojwo 
every day every night I am missing you 
ne gyothe obsodo ijen bol su obsodo 
onjena ne mamen togathun noingol 

Nal dashi gadgo shiphun ne maumun 
we gurohge miryonsuroun gonji 
niga obnun nal shilgam hal suga obnun 
tonight is just one night 
norul ilhgi jonchorom “

D.O takes a deep breath before his line. He suddenly thinks about her. Her face passes his mind. He closed his eyes and trying so hard not to cry.

“Hanboman ne mamul durojwo..” he starts. “Every day, every night, I am missing you” a tear falls down from his eyes. “Ne gyothe obsodo ijen bol su obsodo” tears keep falling from his eyes. But he tries his best to finish the song. The fans feel touched. Some of them cry too.

“Negen nomanun tokathun noingol” he finished the song perfectly with tears still falling from his eyes. Fans are screaming his name. He sobs, everybody can feel his pain.

“Minah…” he said in the middle of sobbing. “Like the song, Even if you’re not by my side” he sobs. “Even if I can’t see you now. I’ll always love you. Because I’m loving you and missing you” he hides his face in his right palm, cannot hold his tears. Ryeowook walks towards him and calm him down.

Minah, I can’t actually realize that I don’t have you now. Tonight is just one night, just like before I lost you. To me, you’re always the same. This is my last song. Thanks for loving me. I love you, more than I do.’ 












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7 thoughts on “[FF COMPETITION] EXOtic’s Fiction “When Love Ends”

  1. imjoannakoh January 25, 2013 at 10:14 AM Reply

    wow this story is really touching! do the author has asianfanfics account or something?

  2. krystalchelle January 25, 2013 at 10:26 AM Reply

    hello, is the author of this story has twitter? this story is so touching just like songfic!

  3. linggacahayu January 25, 2013 at 2:59 PM Reply

    the story is good 😀 likeyyy~~ xD

  4. dkinanti January 26, 2013 at 1:00 AM Reply

    Amazing fic! 😀

  5. liya January 26, 2013 at 4:22 PM Reply

    omona, this ff don’t know what to say except I love it!
    i can feel the feeling..
    keep writing then 🙂

  6. Linda Agustina Effendi January 28, 2013 at 6:37 AM Reply

    This fanfic successful collecting my tears, because I heart Do Kyungsoo too 🙂

  7. fera February 16, 2013 at 8:35 AM Reply

    the story is so touching, make me wanna cry 😥
    nice story 🙂
    cool author 🙂

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