[FF COMPETITION] EXOtic’s Fiction “What is Love”

**Title : What is Love

**Author : @aigooexo

**Genre : Yaoi, Romance

**Length : Oneshoot – 10 pages

**Language : English

**Main Character :

-Park Chanyeol

-Byun Baekhyun



 “I better go home now.” I said when I felt the rain dripping right on my cheek. I take my umbrella and immediately rushed out of this quiet place.

“You’re back? Hey lets have a dinner together.” Kyungsoo asked me with his round eyes and I see Jongdae, and Luhan smiling at me in front of my apartment room.

“Im not hungry, Soo. Maybe later, thanks.” I smiled and locked myself in my room.

I lost my mind, noreul choemmannasseultte, no hanappego modeun goseun get in slow motion, nege malhejwo ige sarangiramyon. Meil geudewa sumaneun gamjong deureullanwojugo baewogamjyo. Salgo ulgo ana jugo, nege marhejwo ige sarangiramyon…

“Ah, that song.”  I thought. And those memories tape came into my mind.

I come into the class. Park Chanyeol, that creepy  faced guy sitting there with his curly hair, besides my desk with his cheerful face and smile that never out of its place. He looks at me, its really obvious that his eyes get bigger and shiner when I came in. No I’m not feeling really confident, but that’s really obvious and you can see it in his round eyes. And his smile widened as I sat on the bench next to him.

“Out of the canteen huh?” He asked with his eyes still sparkle.

“Y-yes.” I replied a bit awkward when i saw the way he looked at me strangely and makes me uncomfortable.

“Ooh, hehehehe.” He smiled and was still looking at me.

“What’s wrong? Can you stop looking at me like that? “I said as I finally started to feel really uncomfortable.

“Hm? What? You’re certainly good looking and that’s good for my eyes” He said, smiling again.

“Eeeeeeewwww, that’s amusing Chanyeollie.” Jongin laughing behind me and Kyungsoo nudged Jongin’s belly.

“Shut up, Jongin.” I stand up and leave them.

“Baek, wait! Don’t be mad~~~” said Jongin mockingly and I heard Kyungsoo protested.

I do not really like it. Its too troublesome to listen to mocking words just because Yeol likes to tease me. Ridiculous.

The bell rang to go home, Chanyeol stand up, carry his bag, and walks towards me.

“Hey, Baekhyunnie. Umm…. Can you come to school’s football field 30 minutes later? We have a battle against YG High School. And, um, you know, Luhan, your roommate will be joining us too today. So you can at least supporting him too.” He said and smile shyly.


“Aaaah… that great! Wait, what? You said no? Whyyyyyyy?” he started showing his famous worry-eyes.

“I have piano practice after this, I don’t have time for that.” I said and walking down the stairs leave him behind.

“Wait, wait, Baekkie~ but Luhan will be there too! You can ask your other roommate to come, right?” he smiled again.

“Still no.”

“AH! Here you are, Yeollie! Hurry up! Couch have been waiting for you.” Minseok almost shouted when he seen Yeol in front of him.

“Noooooooooo, please Baekhyunnie please come to see me, okay?”

“No. No. No. and stop calling me that way!” I hide my smile when I saw him was dragged by Minseok to the field.

“He really definitely likes you, Baek.” Yixing said shocked me from behind.

“Ah, you scared me!”

“He definitely likes you, Baek. And you like him too, right?” He ignored my protest.

“No I’m not.”

“Then why are you blushing?”  Yixing giggles.

“I said No I’m not!”

“Uuuuh, so scary~” He said and I just rolled my eyes.

“Shut up and lets go to the practice room.”

“Alright, done for today. See you next week, guys.” Said Joonmyun hyung and leave the room.

“Hey, Baek. Look, they’re still playing!” Yixing said.

“They who? Playing what?” I asked and Yixing pull me to look over the window.

Oh, so they still playing. And, YG school outperformed the match with 2-1.

“Lets cheer them up!” said Yixing.

“wait, no no no.”

“Ssssssh…” Yixing pull my hand. Again.

“Cmon Luhaaaaaaaan! Fightiiiiiing!!!!” Yixing screames beside me and that was really embarrassing enough. I just keep my mouth shut.

“Ah Ah, our team take a break time! Aaaaah they look so tired..” said Yixing worried.

“That’s just your umma’s feel, Yixing.”

“Noooo, just look at them!”

And, honestly, they look more than just tired.

“I have an idea to cheer them up.” Yixing said.

“What is that?”

“Just watch and wait.” “YEOLLIEEEE!!!!!!!” He screams again. And, wtf?! Did he just called Chanyeol?!


“Shut your mouth ZHANG YIXING!”

I was covering my face and then I heard someone screamed back with husky voice.

“OH MY GOD! BAEKHYUNNIEEEE THANKYOUUUUUUU!” he stand up cheerfully and making a heart shape with his hands.

I just don’t understand why he can be so powerful again after I obviously look his really tired face before.

Yixing waved his hands and take my hand to make a heart shape with his hand forcefully.

“Smile, Baekhyun. Smile!” Yixing said inside his wide smile and that’s really scares me. I force my smile and Chanyeol looks more than excited. He jumps around and cheering up his team mates. I can see Luhan burst into laugh and he help Chanyeol cheering up his team mates too.


I lost my mind, noreul choemmannasseultte, no hanappego modeun goseun get in slow motion, nege malhejwo ige sarangiramyon. Meil geudewa sumaneun gamjong deureullanwojugo baewogamjyo. Salgo ulgo ana jugo, nege marhejwo ige sarangiramyon…

Sigh. Chanyeol again. Its been 3 weeks since he always singing that song in front of our dorm every night. Why didn’t he stop singing that song in front of our dorm? I don’t understand why he can be so confidence singing ballad song with his voice. And his friends, Jongin, Zitao, and Sehun are as crazy as him.

“Baekhyunnie, please stop those crazy guys out there. I can’t sleeeeep.” Said Kyungsoo.

“Why must me?”

“Because you and your attention  are the only things that Chanyeol want.” Said Kyungsoo again.

“Shut up. Don’t you know  that your favorite guy, Jongin, is one of those crazy guys too?” I said and Kyungsoo pouts.

“Hey, stop it. Its okay I think. Its kind of…. Ummm what we called that? Entertainment?” Jongdae laughs.

“Aaaaaah, why they stop? Its only 11.30 pm! I need moreeee!” Jongdae laughs again again when Chanyeol and the gang stopped their singing.

“No Jongdae! I definitely don’t want more!” Kyungsoo protested.

“Hey guys, by the way we’re in final of senior years. And one month again, we’ll have our farewell party. Don’t you guys ever think… how we all will be separated?” Luhan started the ‘I avoiding the most’ topic.

“Yea right… I think me and Luhan will going to the same university. We’ll take singing major. And how about you, Soo?” Said Jongdae.

“Uum… I …”

“Said it properly, Soo!” I tease him.

“You will get married with Jongin, huh?” Luhan teases him again.

“NOOO! We’re not like that! We’re just….. kind of a really good best friend?” Kyungsoo said.

“Best friend with benefits? HAHAHA  We are all know that you and Jongin are like each other. Just go, Kyungsoo. Asked him to go out. We actually love to see you together.” I can’t believe Luhan said something wise.

“Should I ?” Kyungsoo asked innocently.

“Yes you should Kyungsoo. Don’t hide your feelings!” I finally open my mouth. And once I do, they are all looking at me like I’ve done something criminal.

“What? Why are you guys looking at me like that?”

Luhan laughs, Jongdae sighs, Kyungsoo still with his innocent big eyes.

“Hey! What the hell was going on? Am I doing something wrong?” I asked again.

“Yes you are, Baekhyun.” Jongdae finally speaks and continue with laughter.

“Stop laughing!”

After waiting for some minutes, Luhan and Jongdae finally stop their laughter.

“You said, ‘Don’t hide your feelings’ to Kyungsoo. And, how about you, Baek? What will you gonna do with your future? With you own feelings?” Said Luhan with serious face.

“I don’t know, I think I’m serious with my piano career. And what’s wrong with my feelings?” I said. I think I know they actually mean.

“You like Chanyeol, don’t you? Don’t lie to us.” Said Jongdae seriously. I know this question will come to me in a situation like this.

“Me…. Um, I…”

“Said it properly, Baek!” Kyungsoo tries to re-pay my tease before and I see Luhan give him a signal to shut his mouth. Kyungsoo sigh.

“No I don’t like him.”

I lied. Yea, I like him. I love him since the first time I saw him. I really do love him. But Chanyeol likes to tease me a lot and I don’t know if all the sweet, crazy, ridiculous things that he have done for me are really from his heart or just to tease me.

“You lie.” Said Luhan.

I keep silent.

“You know Chanyeol really likes you, Baek. You shouldn’t do this to yourself.” Said Jongdae.

“Alright I’m just too scared of rejection, scared of get a heartbreak. I’m scared that it will hurts me more than it should be in the end! You guys will never understand that.” I almost shouted to them.

I take a deep breath, “Sorry… I didn’t mean that…”

“We know, just follow what your heart said. I know you know what best for you, and I think we should sleep now. Bye guys, good night.” Jongdae stands up and go to his room. Luhan and doing the same thing.

“I’m not trying to teach you or something, but… You never know what will happen later, and I know you don’t want to spend your life with regret. Good night, Baek.” Kyungsso said and leave me.

I still sit in the living room. Just thinking and thinking.

What am I going to do with this feeling.

I skipped my piano class today. I just sit here, in the park in front of our school. So cold today, I think snow will covered up the whole town today. I tighten my jacket and close my eyes.

“Hey, what’s up?”

A deep voice makes me open my eyes again. I look to my side and see a perfect eyes seeing on mine.


He shows his famous smile. And… he straightened his hair today?!

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“What are you doing here?” he asked back.

“I asked you first.”

“I’m here to ask you what you are doing here. Why you skipped class today?” he asked.

“How could you know that I have a class today?”

“How I couldn’t  know?”

“Stalker.” I said in a cold way. He just laugh.

We sit together in silent.

“Answer my question.” He finally said.

“Bored. No, I mean I’m lazy to attend the class today.”

He nodded. He seems so quiet today , not as usual.

“Don’t you feel bore too? Wanna go somewhere?” I can’t believe I said that.

I expect and extra ordinary response (as he usually do) but he didn’t give a response. I keep looking at my jacket’s zipper and slowly looking to Chanyeol to see his response.

He makes his mouth to become an “O”. A big “O”, and he looking at me.

“What? You don’t wanna take me out of here? Alright then…” I grab my bag but he stops me.

“Wait, wait! OF COURSE I WILL! Let’s go! I have a dream place that I want to go with you since a long time ago!” he pulled my hand and keeps jumping while walking a bit running.

“Don’t be too excited..” I said with laughter and I guess he didn’t hear that because of his excitement.

            “Where are we?” I asked.

“Playground, you stupid!” Chanyeol laughs.

“Lets try all of the vehicles here!” he pull my hand again. What a forceful powerful person.

            Snows fall today as I expected.

“Let’s go home. I’m tired.”

“What? You’re tired? But I still wanna be with you Baekhyun-ssi. Or at least I wanna ride that ferris wheel. But if you’re tired, its okay then, lets go home!”

How could he said some ‘poor’ words and ended with such a pretended-to-be-wise words.

“sigh, alright then, lets ride that.”

“Really?! Yaaaay! Lets buy ice cream first!”

            “Why do you like me?” I finally asked when we’re sitting in the ferris wheel and eating ice cream.

“w-w-w-w-what?!!!” he doing an “O” shaped again.

“You never hear properly, are you? I said, why do you like me?”

“Ah…. Baekhyunnie… I mean, Baekhyun-ssi….”

“Baekhyunnie is fine.” I interrupt.

“Ah, right, Baekhyunnie…” he smile and his face got red when he said that.

“I just… I don’t know when exactly I fall in love with you…”

“Fall in love?!”

“Please let me finish first.” He takes a deep breath.

“I don’t know when exactly I fall in love with you, what I realized is, I look at you and I can’t feel my feet. I don’t know where I was living in. Seeing you smile is like what I want the most. Nothing is better than your smile.  Than your happiness. Than you. You just crawling beneath my skin. I wanna be there wherever you go. I wanna be the one that you can trust, you can count on……..”

“Ah, sorry Baekhyunnie.. I’m just blabbing by myself, I’m so sorry. Geez… what was I talking about?” He laugh awkwardly and knocked his head.

I grabbed his hand. He looks shocked.

“That’s okay, I like it.” I tightened my hand on him and smile.

“W-w-what is that mean?” I can heard his fast breath taken.

“How if it’s mean that I’ll try to open my heart and try to…..” I don’t even finish my words, but blood fall from Yeol’s nose. A lot.

“Yeol?! You’re bleeding!” I shocked.

“I’m fine, I’m just cold. Really cold here.”  Yeol’s body is shaking.

I don’t know what to do I just screamed and hold Yeol’s shoulders tight and waiting the staff to take us down from this wheel.

“Yeol, Please hold on, oh my God…..” I hold Yeol’s hand in the ambulance.

“Don’t cry Baekhyunnie, you look ugly with those tears. I’m fine. Knowing that you worry about me is like the best feelings, you know?” I know he forced his smile.

“Stop talking! And I’m not crying!” I shouted at him with tears flooding in my cheek.

“Don’t lie. I can see your swollen eyes. Stop crying Baekhyunnie, I don’t wanna see someone that I love the most to be crying in front of me.”

“I don’t— I never wanna see someone that I love the most to be dying in front of me!”

“Finally, you said that you love me too Byun Baekhyun. Thank you Baekhyunnie…” He smile weakly and close his eyes.

            No, Park Chanyeol didn’t die that day. No he didn’t.

So he got a serious blood cancer. I don’t know since when he have that disease. And I don’t know how hard and how long he suffering from that pain.

They bring Chanyeol to U.S for recovery. The only information that I’ve got is…. Park Chanyeol has died. He never comeback to Korea.

I hurt. I don’t want to live anymore.

I wish i could kill myself. I wish I could. I’ve tried at least.

Why am I so lucky that I can keep my live after trying to suicide for about a hundred times?

I got a really serious and un-fixable heart broken for my first love. For my first love ‘confession’.

“Dear Byun Baekhyun.

I will be so embarrassed if you finally can read this. So, here we go~ This is my love book for you. It sounds girly to write about someone you like, right? But I don’t care as long as its about you. And I secretly hope, if you finally read this book, that’s mean you already mine. That I’ve already stole you heart, we will never be apart. Byun Baekhyun, I will never leave you. And if I ever leave you, that won’t be long, I’ll be back. You know I can’t live without you. I love you so much ❤

Your forever fans and lover :p

Park Chanyeol”

“I love you so much too, Park Chanyeol. I know you’re not a liar. And I believe we’ll meet and happy together again.” I grab Yeol’s gravestone.

            I got this ‘Love Story Book’ from a guy named Yifan. He’s cousin of Chanyeol. So I finally come to here, US.

I know our love is so short. But now, I believe we’ll last forever in another life.

“I better go home now.” I said when I felt the rain dripping right on my cheek. I take my umbrella and immediately rushed out of this quiet place.

“You’re back? Hey, let’s have a dinner together.” Kyungsoo asked me with his round eyes and I see Jongdae, and Luhan smiling at me in front of my apartment room.

“Im not hungry, Soo. Maybe later, thanks.” I smiled and locked myself in my room.

“Ya! Byun Baekhyun! We’re come to U.S just want to see your performance as a masterpiece from Korea tomorrow night!” Luhan finally yelled and knocking my door.

“Aaah, that’s right! Now get out from your bedroom and lets have some fun!” add Jongdae.

I open my door, “Shut up. When will you guys not embarrassing me?” I smiled and they hug me. I know they feel sorry for what I’ve been through.

“Hey Kyungsoo, How is Jongin?” I tease him again.

“He’ll come here tomorrow.” He smiled shyly and I laugh.

Well I still wishing I could laugh like this with you, Park Chanyeol, That must be different.











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    It’s cool story. I like it hehe

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    like it so much 🙂

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