[FF COMPETITION] EXOtic’s Fiction “The Importance of a Guardian”

**Title : The Importance of a Guardian

**Author : @chelle3lf

**Genre : Friendship

**Length : Onesshot – 11 Pages

**Language : English

**Main Character : Suho and all Members of EXO




수호자의 중요성

The Importance of a Guardian

Suho POV

“Everyone, it’s 10 o’clock already.Go to sleep” I calmly ordered.

These kids.. I mean these men are really hard to organize . Everything they do turns out to be a mess.

Sehun has been eating with Luhan over the center table. They caused most of the mess around the place: Banana peels, candy wrappers, chips and everything you could think of.

Chen and Xiumin have both of their eyes glued on the computer screen watching some Chinese comedy show to learn the language . They were eating chips and other foodstuffs while playing leaving their trash scattered all over the place, some are on the floor and some are just left where they finished eating them.

I walked near them for I guess they haven’t heard me. On my way, I noticed some of the pellets were left spread on the floor, so I stopped. I followed its long track and I found it going inside Kai’s and Kyungsoo’s shared room. I tracked where it started and I found Kai feeding our pet, MongGu.

“JongIn-ah!” I exclaimed in dismay.

He has been teaching MongGu some dog tricks for the past few hours that’s why there’s dog food scattered on the floor, maybe MongGu got mad or something . I rolled my eyes and continued walking near others.


Lay was on the phone talking in Chinese. I guess it was his mom on the other line.

Kris was sitting comfortably on the couch while reading an English novel book, trying to refresh his vocabulary.

Chanyeol was chasing after Baekhyun for no reason; they were just simply fooling around. Baekhyun was throwing the pillows on the ground to block Yeol’s way to prevent him to catch him. He bumped on to Kyungsoo on his way to the kitchen. Their collision made the bowl of popcorn, which was carried by Kyungsoo, spill on the ground.

“YAAAAH!!! Look what u guys done!! My precious popcorn!!!” Kyungsoo yelled out of anger.

“Sorry!” Baekhyun shouted without even facing Kyungsoo and continued running inside the kitchen.

Aish! Stubborn kid. I went beside Kyungsoo to help him clean up. He was kneeling on the ground and picking the food one by one when I reached him. I knelt beside him. I can heard him muttering about ungrateful brat, my popcorn and other things.

“Kyungsoo-yah, you alright?” i asked.

“I’m fine.. But look at this mess!! Arrgh!! I’ve been craving for popcorn and now it’s gone!!!” he replied furiously

“Come on. Let’s just make another one” I said to make Ryeowook calm down.

“But this is the only pack we have” he pouted and looked at me with his O_O eyes.

“Then I’ll buy a new one tommorow. Now, let’s clean this first and asked the other to sleep.And you know it’s not good to eat a lot of calories in the night” I smiled to him

“Okay….” he sighed

Kyungsoo and I continued to clean the mess and suddenly there a loud noise. It didn’t catch any attention at all for everything was noisy inside the dorm and it’s like a usual thing to be heard in our dorm.

“TAO!!” I yelled as I run towards the sound

The sound came from the back of the kitchen. I rushed there and the first thing I saw is Tao holding his wushu stick.

“Su..Suho hyung..” He sounds shocked and scared.

From the door, I could see broken glasses scattered around him

“What happened??” I asked,worried

“no..nothing?” he stammered, and it so obvious that he’s lying..

“Come on, you know I won’t tell Kris about this”

“I.. sorta.. hit the lamp with my stick…” he confessed

“okay..” I replied as i try to walk to the broken lamp

“But ! But.. I don’t do that on purpose!! It’s an accident!” he tried to convience me

“I know don’t worry. Let’s clean this before kris notice okay?” I gave him a broom

We cleaned the broken glasses and I scolded Tao for being not careful, I mean it could have hit him and he could’ve gotten hurt.

When I got back from cleaning I can saw there’s no difference with before.. still messy.. The only difference is now Kyungsoo, Baehyun and Chanyeol joining Sehun and Luhan making more mess.

I turn off the biggest light in the room and as I expected, boys screaming here and there. I turn it back on and there’s an unexpected view in front of my eyes. The boys are holding at Kris like their life are depends on him.

“You guys!!! The light is back on!! Let me go!!” Kris yelled, strangled from all the hugging.

“Boys, we have schedule tomorrow and since manager hyung won’t come to pick us,we need to wake up early and go to the office. Go sleep!” I ordered not as clamly as the first time

The boys groaned and started to make move to their own rooms. I sighed as I saw the mess they left. It looks like a plane crashed to the room.I cleaned the room and throw the trash and checked the other members before I went to sleep.



I heard the door closed, without looking I know that it was Suho hyung checking on us. It’s like a habit of him. I waited for 30 minutes to make sure that Suho hyung already fell asleep and started my plan.

“Kyungsoo hyung! Kyungsoo hyung! Wake up!” I whispered

“mmmm.. 5 more minutes..” he talked in his sleep

“Ah hyung.. it’s important wake up!”

“huh? Kai?? What the… yah! What do u want?!” he yelled

“SSSSTTTTT!!!!” I closed his mouth with my hand and put a finger in front of my lips to gesture him to keep calm

When he’s fully awake and calm, I asked him to help me to wake up the other members except for Suho hyung and after that I’ll inform my plan

I went to wake the other K members and kyungsoo will wake the M members. When I got back to my room, I could see all the M members sitting all over the room with sleppy faces

“What took you so freaking long?!” kyungsoo furiously asked while rubbing his tummy

“Sehun is Suho hyung’s roommate! I need to make sure he didn’t notice. And what happened to your tummy hyung?” I asked, concerned

“Tao kicked me in the stomach!!!” he glared at Tao

“I thought that you’re trying to kidnapped me hyung!” Tao denied

“Stop it you guys!” Kris ordered with his flaming eyes

The room went dead, you can even hear a pin dropping. That’s how scary Kris is..

“Now Kai explain what your freaking plan before I kick ur ass for ruining my wonderful sleep” He glared at me

“Okay.. okay… calm down! So here’s my plan.. u see, tomorrow is May 22th, which is Suho hyung’s birthday!” I said happily

“Oh, now that you mentioned it.. “ Sehun said drowsily

“Soo?.. continue” Kris asked

“so.. let’s make a surprise birthday party for him!”

“How?” Chen asked

“You guys know that tomorrow manager hyung won’t be picking us right?? That’s because they’re in the plan! So tomorrow they’ll be scolding suho hyung because he’s late and…”

“But Suho hyung’s never late… he always wake up on time” Kyungsoo cutted

“That’s why we’ll turn off his alarm clock so he won’t wake up! Sehun, it’s your mission”

“Cool!!! AyeAye siir!”

“But we can’t wake up on time without Suho waking us up..” Xiumin asked

“Manager hyungs will come and wake us all except for Suho hyung” I answered confidently

“Ooooh” they exclaimed

“Then in the office Suho’ll get scolded again by Jaewon hyung” I continued

“But why?” Lay asked

“Don’t know… Jaewon hyung said that he’ll think about it.. he’s a pretty good in acting..kkk”

“Wait, you even made Jaewon hyung join this plan?” Chanyeol curiously asked

“Of Course~ I’m the awesome Kai~”

“Wow~ our KkamJong is the best!” Sehun exclaimed

“Then after that, all of us will go home but Suho hyung will stay to practice by himself! That’s the perfect time to decorate the house!! And when Suho hyung arrived… SURPRISE!! We will come out with cake and gifts!”

“JongIn..  I never knew that you’re genius” Kyungsoo shocked

“Thanks for the compliment!” I said happily

“I don’t think that’s a compliment” Baekhyun chuckles

“Shut up Baek!!” I replied

“Yah! I’m your hyung!” He said throwing a pillow at me

“You’re still shorter than me ‘hyung’, meroong” I said as i ducked from the pillow

And the pillow hit someone…

Someone that is looking at Baekhyun like he’s going to eat him in a blink of an eyes

“You guys stup up or I’ll shut that mouth for you” Kris groaned

“sorry” me and Baekhyun apologize

“So that’s it? I can go back to sleep now?” Tao said still dazed

“Not yet!! The most important thing you guys have to do tomorrow is to mock Suho hyung!” I said before Tao could make a move towards the door

“But.. We can’t do that.. It’s a bad thing to do..”

“It’s just an act Lay hyung! Stop being the angel of the group!”

“But isn’t that too much?”

“No it’s not Luhan, Suho hyung isn’t that weak and remember, it’s only an act”

“Cool!! I’m totally in!!”

“I knew it!! Xiumin hyung you’re the best!! Come on guys… for our wonderful caring leader” I persuade them

“I’ll make the cake then~”

“I’ll help Kyungsoo make the cake!”

“Then I’ll help Kyungsoo and Chen make the cake”

“No Kris! Don’t even get near the kitchen!” Tao cutted

“But I’m a great cook”

“No, you’re not!! “ we all exclaimed remembering the first and the last food kris cooked for us

“It taste awful… seriously” Tao groaned

“Let’s just make it like this. Luhan,Kyungsoo,Baekhyun and Chen make the cake. The others will decorate the place. How’s it?”

“Sounds good  for me” Kris said

“Okay!! Let’s do it!! WE ARE ONE!!!”


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ May 22th ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


The morning went just like we planned. Manager hyungs came and wake us all. We don’t bother to have breakfast since we’re sure that hyung’ll wake up if we do that.

I can’t wait to see Suho hyung’s face when he realize that today’s his birthday.He never remember about his own birthday, but he never missed ours. That’s why I really want to do this for him.

We did our dance practice just like usual. Suddenly there’s a loud voice coming from the door. Standing there, Suho hyung trying to catch his breath and sweating like crazy.

“Yah! Kim JoonMyeon!! You’re the leader of this group!! Don’t you know what time it is now?” SeungHwan hyung yelled at him

“I’m sorry that I’m late hyung… my.. my alarm clock, I think it’s broken..”

“No excuse!! You’re late 4 hours from the schedule! 4 freaking hours!” he yelled more

“I’m really sorry hyung, I won’t do this again” Suho hyung said with his head down

“You better make sure you don’t” SeungHwan hyung yelled and go out from the room.

“Suho.. it’s not like you to be late like this” HyunKyun hyung scolded him more

As HyunKyun hyung scold him, me and Kris hyung follow SeungHwan hyung out of the room. We saw him at the end of the hallway and approach him. As soon as we got there

“BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” we all bursted out laughing

“Did u saw his face??” Seunghwan hyung laughed

“OMG!! I feel bad at him” I exclaimed

“I bet the others are trying so hard to keep their laugh inside!” Kris happily said

After we calm our laughs, Kris and I go back to the practice room. As soon as we got there, Jaewon hyung is in the middle of yelling at Suho hyung

“Hey, what happened?” Kris pretend to ask

“Suho hyung make mistake from the dance routine” tao answered trying to hide his smile

“aaah..” we both exclaimed

Just like we planned, Jaewon hyung keep scolding Suho for mistakes that he didn’t made all day long and we started to mock him saying things like

“Hyung, making mistakes like this is not like you”

“Hyung, you’re the leader! U could do better than that”

“I wish the leader is Kris”

And other hurting words

In the end Suho hyung practice more and tell us to go home first.

As we got back home, we started to put decoration all over the house and we could hear the cooking team screaming their lungs out about how to make whip cream and how to use the oven.

Just right before we finished the cake and decoration, I got a message from Jaewon hyung saying that Suho hyung is on his way home

“SUHO HYUNG IS COMING HOME!!!!!” I yelled my lungs out



“We’re not ready yet!!!!”

Bunch of screams can be heard from our dorm

“Let’s turn off all the light and hide in the kitchen while we finish the cake!!” Lay suggested

“How about the decoration?” Kris asked

“Forget about it!! He’s coming home!!!” I yelled back

We all go hide in the kitchen, finish the cake and waited for him to come

But he never come

3o minutes

45 minutes

1 hour

“Yah!! It’s been too long! Where is he?!” Kris yelled, annoyed that he have to squat below the dining table

“he’s right.. it’s not that far from the office..” Chen said concerned

“JongIn-ah, call him” Xiumin said

“Won’t it be better if manager hyung’s the one who’s calling?” Luhan suggest

“He’s right, I‘ll call him” Seunghwan hyung agreed and start calling Suho hyung

“Ya! Kim JoonMyun! What are you doing right now?! Why aren’t you back…” Seunghwan hyung stooped

“Ne? Yes, I do..” SeungHwan hyung said confused


“Where is he now?! Is he alright?” He said, shocked by whatever the other line said

“What… I’ll go there right now! Yes! Yes! Thank you!” he answered, rushed

“Hyung, What happened?! Is there something wrong?!” we bombarded him with question

“Guys.. calm down.. and listen carefully. I don’t know what happened.. but suho, he..” he explain

As soon as I heard it, I feel like the world is falling apart. I can’t hear anything, can’t even make any sounds, all I do is stand there watching the cake Kyungsoo hold fall and crash to the floor



We rushed down the white hallway, searching for a door that have Suho behind it.. and there it is, the door right at the end of the hallway.

Yes, we’re here.. at the hospital. Suho hyung is behind that door with blood all over his body.

“He’s driving alright.. just like he usually do, it just.. a car don’t see the traffic light and ran through his car… I was there! Separated from him only a few km! but it just happened so fast and I can’t do anything about it” Jaewon hyung explain while crying

Manager hyungs try to calm him down since crying won’t help in this situation.

Standing there was like standing inside a refrigerator in a negative degree Celsius temperature. No one among us knows what the doctor would say after examining Suho hyung. All of us are crying and praying .Every second seemed to be hours. Every second is equivalent to five heartbeats pounded.

The light coming from the ICU lightened the slightly dimmed hallway. Everyone rushed near the doctor as he removes his masks from his face.

“How is he doctor?” Sehun hastily asked him.

The doctor looked at all of us and sighed.

“I’m sorry, we tried our best but.. he lost a lot of blood already, I’m afraid we can’t do anything”

“What do you mean you can’t do anything?!!” Kris yelled

The intensity in the hallway increases as Kris heats up because of all the emotions he feels. He grabbed the doctor by the collar and repeated the thing that he asked.

Everything registered in my mind quickly but my heart just laughs at it as if the statement that he had said was a long and funny joke.

Everyone broke down in tears. This was so funny! DEATH? All I could ever think of is the word disband, never Death.

“Hyung, where are the hidden cameras? Come on! I caught you! You’re just putting a prank on us?” I said in a playful voice, forcing everything to be completely wrong. All I could receive as an answer was a hug from Manager. There, I understood.

As he released me from the hug, the next thing I saw was the door knob of the emergency room. My body suddenly reached for it, and twisted it. My feet brought me in with my eyes unmoving from the person lying on the bed. The person lying there was wearing a tube in his mouth, some oxygens and wires in his body. There’s blood stain on his head, face and his body. The room is filled with silence combining with a sound of the sound I ever wanted to hear playing continuously – the sound of Suho hyung’s heartbeat. I would like to hear him alive. Yes, hear him alive.

I stood beside him and saw the paleness of his complexion. He looks so weak and tired. Just by looking at him, I could see that he is already tired.

“You are so unfair hyung.” I said as my tears flow down to my cheeks.

I have never thought of seeing him this way. Who would look after us? I was used of seeing you as my older brother, and then with this sudden change…how could I move on? Maybe right now, if this stubborn hyung is awake, he’d probably scold me of being here instead of doing my schedule.

It’s just so unfair that everything would end up this way. If only he could have more time, I’d show the world the real Kai Suho hyung knows: The Kai that he knows as good and caring one. I’d show the best of me.

I could hear the others members entering the room, we all stand beside his bed watching him and it just feel like the time is stopping. Nobody said a word.. nobody could..

As I hold Suho hyung’s hands I could feel that it’s not like before when hyung will hold my hands warmly and told me that I could do it, It’s cold.. like there’s no life in it.

“Suho hyung!!!” Baekhyun suddenly exclaimed. Suho hyung is opening his eyes! He wake up!!

“Yo..you,you gu..guys” he said with his weak voice

“I.. I feel.. be.. better… se..seeing.. all.. of.. you.. here..” he continued

“Hyung!! I’m sorry!! It’s all because of me!! Hyung! You can punish me! U can hate me!! But please! Hyung!  Stay with us!” I yelled out of desperation

Yes, I highly blame myself as the one who make suho hyung lie down like a lifeless being on this bed right now. If only I didn’t plan the stupid prank!! It’s all because of me!

“It’s.. not your.. fault..” he said trying to smile

“Kris..” he called

“Yeah,I’m here..” Kris answered crying

“Without.. me.. please.. take care.. for the… others…” he pleaded

“No!! You’ll be alive and we’ll do it together!!” Kris yelled

Suho only reply with a sad smile

“Kyung.. Kyungsoo..”

“Hyung..” Kyungsoo cries

“sorry… i’m not.. able.. to.. fulfill my.. promise.. to buy.. popcorn… for you….” he laughed weakly

“Stupid!! It’s not important!!” Kyungsoo cries more

“he..hehe.. Please.. take care… of the… dong..saengs thanks… for cooking…… everyday for… us”

“And.. you guys… without me… you guys have.. to.. work harder.. till you… achieve…. your… dream… to be..come.. the best”

“Hyung!! How could you say that! We will do this together!” Chen exclaimed

“no… i can’t…”

“You could hyung!!! You need to be there!! On stage!! With us!!” Xiumin yelled

“li… listen we are… one rem…. remember? And i’m… your.. guar..dian.. I’ll watch you and… protect you.. from.. different.. place” he said panting

“Hyung! Stop!! Stop talking!!!” Chanyeol cries out

“You guys.. will… success with…out… me” and suddenly he started coughing blood

“STOP HYUNG!! STOP!!!” I pleaded

“Promise.. me…” he breathe harder than before

“Suho hyung…” Luhan cries

“Prom..mise…” he said lifting his hands a little bit, just like what we do before every performance

We only look at him..

“Prom.. mise..” He repeated

“I promise” Kyungsoo said

“I promise”

“me too”

And it left with me..

I look at suho hyung

He smiled weakly at me

“I promise hyung” I said putting my hands above the others

And suddenly Suho hyung’s palm falls down..

I don’t know but my emotions just ran so fast at this moment. All of a sudden, the beeping sound that is like music in my ears crashed and was destroyed by a very long and nonstop sound.

“Wake up. You’re so unfair.” I repeated crying even harder.

I was taken aback. I wasn’t able to move, or if even possible, I wasn’t able to breathe. I knew at that time, my hyung’s heartbeat stopped and rested.

The doctors rushed in the room. My body just followed the motion where someone pushes me to somewhere. I kept looking at the person lying on the bed with tears flowing down in my eyes. He was so unfair.


Going with death without even saying Goodbye.




Suddenly there were mixtures of echoing voices calling my name.




Did I hear everything right? The voice who said JongIn-ah sounded so familiar and lovable. It sounded like Hyung’s voice.

“JongIn-ah wake up. JongIn-ah!” I perceived Suho hyung’s voice calling my name.

I opened my eyes and found myself lying on my own bed inside my room. I saw everyone, including Suho sitting beside me while beaming the angelic smile towards me.

“JongIn-ah, are you dreaming?” He asked caringly as he wipes a wet towel on my forehead. I tried to sit. There, I found a better view of everyone. I even saw Kyungsoo carrying a pot of porridge in his hands gesturing that it was for me.

“What happened?” I asked curiously.

“You fainted yesterday during our practice. You were burning hot. Suho hyung took you home and took care of you.” Sehun answered while grabbing some shirts on my dresser for me to change the ones I’m wearing.

“And just few moments ago, you were like crying. We guess you were dreaming.” Lay added.

So everything was just a dream. I felt my heart jumped for joy after realizing it was just a bad dream. I felt my world shine once again after seeing the angelic smile I thought I would never see again.


“YAH! GO BACK TO YOUR BED! TAKE A REST!” Suho hyung shouted as he pushed me back to my bed and he continued wiping me with the wettened towel.

You are the best, our leader. You’re simply the best, THANK YOU











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  1. Meimei January 26, 2013 at 4:36 PM Reply

    I CRIED!!!
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    kinda worry when I read that Suho will leave all the members but fortunately it’s just a bad dream but I like all of this fiction..
    keep writing 🙂

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    This made me cry so hard… Then suddenly it was all a bad dream xD

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    it’s sad but it have many funny part like when all the members hug Kris!!! I can totally imagine that!!! EPIC!!
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    uaaaa, i like it ! suho is always an angel >.< he is my bias, oh oh. i'm really sad to think that suho is already dead T.T but i like the ending kyaaa, its so unpredictable, im so happy , haha.
    hope you win, chingu ^^
    and dont forget to make many stories about suho xD

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    This was beautiful! I recommend it to the world~ (I wish exo could read it)

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    So sad… I hope it’s longer…

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    wahhhhhhh this was really good! I liked the plot behind it! i hope you win as well!!! WISH YOU LUCK!

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