[FF COMPETITION] EXOtic’s Fiction “Memory From the Past”

**Title : Memory From the Past

**Author : @seohyuntwinseu

**Genre : Romance, Family

**Length : Oneshoot – 7 Pages

**Language : English

**Main Character :

-Oh Sehun

-Kim Jongin

-Jung Hyemin (OC)


**P.S from Author : All of the plotlines are mine, maybe inspired by some fics.

Memory From the Past © OSH98 2013. Alright Reserved.


I noticed it when I was playing hide and seek with my cousins. At that moment, I was hiding in the storehouse, waiting for my friend to find me.

There was a book laid on the storehouse floor. Because I felt I have nothing to do besides waiting to be found, I decided to open and read that book.

The cover is colored by the blend of pink and blue, and there was a handwriting title. The title is ‘From The Precious One and To The Precious One’. I opened it and the first page inscribed with a date, which is ’12-5-17’ and some handwriting which is inscribed ‘To: Jung Hyemin, From: Kim Jongin’. Wait. Jung? Is it grandma’s surname? I think it is. Because this book is wrote in 2012, while now it’s already 2054. So that’s fitted all. Grandma passed away five years ago, and I think that this book is gifted to her when she was 18. But, who is Jongin? As far as I know, grandpa’s name is Sehun, not Jongin. He’s surname is Oh, too, not Kim.

Is he grandma’s friend? It is as if, yes.

The handwriting in the first page seemed different with the one on the cover. This isn’t like Grandma’s handwriting. Maybe the guy named Jongin who wrote the first page?

I opened the next page and found a photo sticking on it. There are two person on the photo, the girl was known as my Grandmother, while the tanned skin guy.. I don’t know who is he. It seems like he’s that guy named Jongin. In the top of this page wrote a date ’13-1-14’. Wow, even my grandma just wrote this book a half year after gifted. What so important on this day until grandma chose to write in it?

I gaze at the photo. Grandma and the Jongin guy looked so close. They’re smiling, and there’s a birthday cake with ‘19’ candle on it in front of them. Beneath the photo there is another handwriting, Grandma’s handwriting. It wrote ‘Saengil chukkahamnida Jongin-ah! Hope you’re the best! Keep yourself healthy and sexy always, kk~ I’ll always love you<3 The photo above is taken by Sehun. Thanks bro!’.

Hey, I find a bit weird facts here. First, Grandma said she’ll always love Jongin. Second, she said that Sehun is the one who took the photo of them. It means that Grandma is in love with Jongin -or maybe they’re dating- and Grandpa is the one of her friends. A close friend.

Is it possible that Grandpa is in love with Grandma at that time?

Oh, this is so interesting. I hope I could witness this story directly.

I returned to open the next page, but before I could see and read what’s on this page, suddenly a super flashing light appear from the book. I could only block the light to my eyes by raising my hands and set up a confused face. How could a flashy light like this turned up from a book?

Without any knowledge, I just felt like dragged in and disappear into the blazing light.


Seoul, December 2013

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes is a pair of a girl and a guy. The long-haired girl was known by me as Grandma and the guy is -maybe- Jongin. I don’t know what was happened to them, but it seemed like the atmosphere between them is tensed. I could saw a drop of tear slowly going down Grandma’s face. While the Jongin guy looks like on the peak of his anger, his face all red.

I just realize that I’ve came back to the past, when Grandma’s still looks very young and beauty -she still beauty although she’s old already, obviously- and her ‘fresh’ side still radiated. Wait. How could I come unto this place and time?

Oh, well. Just forget it. I’m already here, though.

I continued to watch this kind of Korean-dramas-situation. I’m not mocking at this, I just realize it similar. It turned out to happen in the real life too.

“Why do you changed like this? You’re never become like this, before! Is this because that pretty girl?!” Grandma’s shouted with teary eyes. Jongin’s face become redder than before.

“I don’t change any single thing of myself! You just don’t know what’s the actual matter! So just shut up and stop accusing!” He replies with shout. He clenches his fist so it becomes reddish too.

“Then what the actual matter? You’re even not tell me.”

“It just— Argh, it isn’t your business!”

“Not my business? I’m your girlfriend! Of course it’s my business, you jerk!”

“Girlfriend? You aren’t a good one.”

“Oh, I am not? Go search the others then! The one that BETTER than me for you!”

“So we’re break up? That’s the only one I want for sure!”

Grandma looks so helpless at the moment. Her tears couldn’t stop falling down, and finally she ran out from the room, leaving the tanned guy alone.

For everything’s sake, I want to punch this guy’s face. But I think I’m invisible here.

But suddenly, Jongin pratfalls on the cold floor. His face’s expression changed, from the angry one to the lifeless one. I think his feeling is same like Grandma’s now. But.. Why? Isn’t he the one who wanted they’re broke up?

I really didn’t understand. Love isn’t my things actually.

“Sorry..” I heard him muttered something. Isn’t it the apological word?

“Sorry, Hyemin-ah. I just can’t tell you. This is the best for us now. If you know the actual matter.. I’m sure you won’t live your life as happy as before. I couldn’t leave this world peacefully if you aren’t happy.” He said with tears start rolling down his cheek.

Ow, I think I know what’s the continuance of this story. This Jongin guy won’t live for a long time, and he approaches his end. He acts as annoyance as he could to Grandma to made her piqued at him then broke up. He does it because he doesn’t want her to cries over him. Such a dramatical story.

But it happens in real life. My grandmother’s real life.

Suddenly I feel pity for him. But deep in my heart I thank him, too. I don’t know, but because of his and Grandma’s break up, Grandma married Grandpa and I was born. Mr. Jongin, thank you so much.


I wandering around Seoul and finds it quiet old fashioned. It’s still crowd around here, though. While in my days it’s five times over crowder than this. I look around to find someone who probably knows me, but I think I’m really invisible. A man even can’t hear me shouting beside him. Besides invisible, I’m inaudible too.

But there’s a guy that could see and hear me. His age is around me; 18, and his face is quiet handsome, with those thick eyebrows and hazel colored eyes. He looks incredibly handsome to me. I think he’s similar to a person, but I forget who.

I told him that I come from the coming ages, but he doesn’t believe at the first time. He trusts my words just then when he asks a girl about my appearance and she said she doesn’t see anything. After that he takes me to his apartment, allows me to stay some nights in his place. When we’re in front of his apartment’s door, a girl caught my sight.

After I looked at her closely, I realize that she’s my Grandma. And shockingly, this handsome guy (who’s I -stupidly- don’t know the name) approaches her in worries. I followed him from the back, want to know what will happen after this.

“Hyemin-ah, did you just crying?” He asked. Grandma looked up to him, and the next second she’s already crying on his chest.

“Ssshh.. Hyemin. Uljima. Just tell what happened actually. Did you just fought with Jongin?” He asked again.

‘She isn’t. She broke up with him.’ I said. I could take a gaze on his widened eyes.

“Di-did you broke.. up?” He asked to Grandma for the third times. Grandma looked up to him again with a helpless look.

“N-ne. He.. He doesn’t even tell me what is the actual reason. We fought, than he said that I’m not a good girlfriend for him. I said he better look for the other girl, then he said that it’s his longing to get rid of me..” Grandma explains with tears still rolling down her cheek and stuttering everywhere.

“Omona.. He always has a reason. And I believe his reason is for your goodness.” This guy said, still caressing Grandma’s back.

“My goodness? My own goodness is only to be with him. And this is truly NOT my goodness.” Grandma said again with fury yet sorrow gaze.

“Hyemin-ah. Listen to me. I know Jongin better than himself. We’re grew together. He always has a reason. A very important reason.”

Grandma widened her teary eyes toward this guy. It looks like she started to believe on him.

“Sehun-ah..” Grandma called and this guy turns his head.

Wait. SEHUN-AH? He’s Grandpa!

How could I just notice it? First, he knows Grandma so well, and.. look at his face. He’s sure the young Grandpa.

“Thanks for your comfort. You’re really the best friend ever.”

Grandpa smiled to Grandma, I don’t know that he has these super charming smiles.

“That’s what a friend for. Nah, go wash your face and change your clothes then take a rest. You look so miserable.”

With that sentence, Grandma enters her apartment and close the door. Leaving Grandpa with his sorrow smile in his face.


Briefly, a week passed. Today is Jongin’s funeral. He passed away yesterday evening because of his third stadium cancer which he has been suffering for the last five years. Grandpa knows it actually, but Jongin forbids him to tell this to Grandma. Grandma was very surprised and distressed when she knows the actual matter. But Grandpa always there, besides her.

After Jongin’s funeral, Grandma got a letter from him. It says:

To my dearest girl, Jung Hyemin.

It is me writing, Kim Jongin.

I feel really sorry for my bad behavior to you these past days. But I do it on purpose. I hope you could forget me quickly, and not sank in sadness all the time. I hope you could find a better guy than me, who could brings you to a happy life, who could give you handsome and pretty children, and the one who could make you smile sincerely everyday.

Please, once again please. I don’t want you to crying over my going. It isn’t help in everything, though. It’s only could made us sadder than before, and made you lost your quality timeseven your future.

Just remember my message. It could help you live your life betterhopefully. And, for choosing a right guy for you, I have a recommendation; Why not choosing Sehun? He’s handsome, kind, smart, and understandable yet a warm boy although sometimes he ate too much. Ah, it isn’t any problem to you because you love cooking, right?

Another important thing; he loves you.

Ow, sorry for revealing you secret Sehun. If you read this letter with Sehun, I probably get a hit from him. But don’t worry, I’m in heaven now. He can’t chase me kkk~

My last words, be happy. I’ll always be happy for you, though.

From the one who loves you very much,

Kim Jongin

I could saw Grandma tearing so badly. But when she read the word ‘he loves you’, she turns her head towards a guy beside her; Sehun—Grandpa.

Grandpa’s face slowly turning red, although there was still some sad expression on it. He hid it and said that it isn’t the actual fact. But Grandma doesn’t believe him, and she just sending a warm smile on her teary face to him.

“I’ll try to love you back, Sehun.”

After hearing that sentence, I felt like dragged back—not by the blazing light, but by the sudden time wrapping around.


I’m awake in the storehouse, with the book laid on my lap. I smiled a bit to the book and starting to stand myself up. I went to check the outside condition, and I found it’s already night. I went out of my hide-away and came back to the main house.

When I entered the house, I saw all of my family was sitting in the living room, their face all worried. It seemed like they’re waiting for something.

“Mom! What do you all waiting for?” I asked while approaches the living room.

“We are waiting for y—Ahh, Hyemin you’re finally back!” My mother shouted all of the sudden, successfully made me taken aback.

All of my family member in that house coming to my direction and hugging me tightly. I could only stare at them with puzzled look.

“You’re missing when playing hide and seek this afternoon. We have been searching for you everywhere, but you couldn’t be found.” My dad explained.

“Where do you hide, babo? You made us really worried!” My older brother scolded while hitting my head softly.

“Ah, I’m in the storehouse all this time.”

“Jinjja? We don’t find you just now.” It is my aunt saying. She told me with a confused look.

“Of course you don’t find her. She went to the past all day long.” Suddenly Grandpa appears from his room with a friendly face. He’s smiling, and the actual fact is his smile isn’t change; it’s still the super charming smile belongs to the young Sehun.

All of the family members turn their head towards me. Then I playfully replied.

“Yes! Grandpa’s right!”











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