[FF COMPETITION] EXOtic’s Fiction “Flipped Hourglass”

**Title : Flipped Hourglass

**Author : @hikari_lightup

**Genre : Friendship, Angst, Non-AU, Future

**Length : Oneshoot – 14 Pages

**Language : English

**Main Character : EXO OT12 (Sehun Centered)


**P.S from Author :  I do not own EXO, nor the member. This storyline was highly inspired by ‘The Girl Who Leapt through the Time’



No.. no.. this can’t be happening. It’s a lie! This isn’t true!!

Sehun refused to believe lies he was just hearing. His body trembles vigorously as he took few steps back until his back hit the hard wall. He couldn’t freaking stand now. he needs something solid to hold him, it’s hard! It’s so damn hard to get a hold of yourself when you just hear that kind of news.

“Luhan’s in hospital now. Earlier he was attacked by a man, his condition is critical now. M members had already been in hospital now.”

No… No… It’s a lie right? Is this a prank or something? Does he forget someone’s birthday today? Is there a hidden camera somewhere in this dorm?

Just two hours ago.. he was still texting Luhan. And damn! They meet each other less than three hours ago. How could this be? What happened? This is a sick joke… stop it.

Nothing comes out from the magnae’s mouth. He still couldn’t process the information he just received.

Seeing the state their magnae was in, Suho, act as a leader, walked towards the boy who’s getting paler and had his back leaning on the wall. “Sehun-ah, come on. He’s gonna be alright. Let’s just go to the hospital now.”

The rest of EXO-K members and the manager could only look at the magnae in pity. Who doesn’t know the fact that this certain boy who always had sleepy eyes is the closest to the doe-like man? Everyone, their fans included, surely well aware of the special bond Sehun and Luhan share. These two look-alikes could be considered as a biologist brother if we look at their psychological closeness and undeniable similar face.

“Sehun-ah, come on.” Suho tried to calle the youngest once again. This time Sehun responded him. He eyed the leader with a confuse eyes. Suho nodded and gently scooted him to the car.

Sehun got to sit next to Chanyeol. Baekhyun beside Chanyeol, Kai and Kyungsoo at the last row and Suho on the driver’s seat, while their manager becomes the driver. All the members exchange worried glance. They worried about Luhan off course. But they worried about Sehun too.

True, Sehun wasn’t a little boy anymore. Five years had pass since the sleepy looking boy debuted on his 18.  Now he was 23 years old man, but friendship.. brothership between him an Luhan is just as unbreakable as ever. It was heartbreaking to hear Luhan was hurt. And it’s hurt to see Sehun’s lost state now.

“What happened actually Hyung?” Baekhyun asked in the tiniest voice, all of them could hear it though, their van was unusually so quiet that every exhale was heard.

Their manager let out a long exhale before answering the eyeliner-man. “I haven’t got the detail either, Baekhyunnie. All I heard is that Luhan was atacked by a stranger man, he was beaten and..” he lowered his volume, “and stabbed in some part of his body.”

Kyungsoo let out a small gasp hearing that. He was close to tears already. He shook his head in disbelief as he let his back shrunk into the seat.

The rest could only gulp, try to swallow the imaginary painful lump that’s now on their throat.

It was a dead silence again in the car like it was few minutes ago. Everything felt painfully slow. Every red traffic light could only add more miseries to these six young men.

A loud sigh was heard. All members look at the one who made the voice. Sehun. He was now had his eyes closed, nape resting on the seat and one arm was brought to cover his eyes.


“It’s my fault Hyung…” Sehun said inaudibly, almost in the softest whisper.

“What did you say?” Even Chanyeol who sat beside him couldn’t hear him clearly.


It’s my fault. It’s my fault dammit!! Sehun couldn’t voice it out. Three hours ago he was asking me if I could go to the convenient store with him and I said no. Luhan hyung even said earlier that he was considering spending the night in K’s dorm but I said no. I told him to go back to M’s hotel! Shit! I didn’t’ mean to push him away but I want him to spend time with EXO-M’s member after a long stay in Korea for an SM subunit promotion… I didn’t mean any harm.

But you pushed him away. You let him wander in city at night all alone, another voice in his head was heard.

Sehun broke into tears. He bit his lip to suppress the sob but it didn’t work at all. The guilt, the worry had washed over him from his head to toe.

Chanyeon, being the nearest to the magnae could only pat Sehun’s upper arm while the other members gave him soothing words. Telling him that Luhan’s going to be ok.


“Hyung?” Lay called out to EXO-K member, referring to Suho who walked at the very front, who are walking towards six men who’s waiting at the waiting room. All had this despair expression. Tao’s panda’s eyes were swollen red. Kris sat down on the chair with his shoulders dropping and put his palm on his face. Only Lay who could stood up and greet them, the rest was way too weary to do that.

“How’s Luhan?”Suho asked Lay, tried to keep his voice calm, not demanding. Lay could only answer with shaking his head. Suho sighed loudly. He saw all the members are taking seats and telling each other reassuring words, especially to Tao who had started sniffing again in the corner. He, himself, walked towards Kris and put his hand on the Chinese-Canadian man. As a leader he could understand Kris’ feeling at the moment, he must have put a blame on himself, because he would too if something like this happened to one of his members, he shrugged just to think about it.

Three hours has past. Kai had his hear rested on D.O’s shoulder, fast asleep. The other’s condition was nearly the same. Except for Sehun who still have this blank expression, eyes and body aimed to the direction of the room where his closest hyung was in.

The red lamp at the top of the door was switched off. Sehun jumped from his seat and walked towards the Doctor who’s still wearing the operating robe, the other members followed behind him.

“How’s Luhan hyung?” Sehun asked, more like demand.

The doctor gave the worried eleven men a small smile. “He’s going to be ok. This is a miracle that no vital organ was damaged. His physical condition will get better, there will not be any permanent damage. But there’s one problem left.”

Sehun’s heart broke hearing that. “What the hell was that supposed to mean?” he asked harshly before he could help himself. Baekhyun nudged his ribs, silently scold him for being rude, but Sehun didn’t care at all.

“We found out that aside from being beaten, Luhan ssi might be harassed and mentally attacked too. We might have to deal with his psychological issue after he wakes up. There’s a big chance that what had just happen will leave him a big trauma.” The Doctor explain, eye shifted form one member to another.

“When can we see him?” Kris asked.

“We will get him moved to a VIP room now and you can visit him after. But not all at once, the visitor was limited to three people. We have to get the patient a calm atmosphere.”

“Thank you doctor.” Suho said in behalf of all members. The Doctor smiled at them and leave them after patting Sehun who stood closest to him.

“Guys, let’s have a hot coffee or something while waiting.” Kai voiced out his idea. The others could only nodded, agreeing the tan man, as all of them walked towards the nearest hot-drinking machine.

After each of them has had their cups of hot coffee, they drink it slowly while talking about this and that. Sehun was awfully quiet. He only sat and eyed the drink on his hand. His eyed never leave the brown-ish liquid. He then felt a hand pat his shoulder gently. He looked up to see Xiumin smiled at him.

“I know what you’re thinking. I heard your conversation before… all of this happened.” Sehun only stare blankly at him while Xiumin sat beside him. “Don’t blame yourself, it’s nobody’s fault. He wouldn’t want you to blame yourself.”


Sehun hold his breath as he stepped into Luhan’s room along with Lay and Xiumin. He just stepped onto the dark room but he could feel his energy draining. His legs turned into jelly all of sudden. He partially dragged his own legs to the bed where his closest hyung was laying.

He saw Lay put his palm on his mouth, eyes watering, he saw Luhan’s still body and he perfectly understand Lay’s misty eyes.

There, the EXO’s baby-faced member lay motionless. Several bruises and cuts was visible on his face. Body covered with bandage. No matter how his face bruised and most of it was covered by bandage. Sehun could see his cute hyung there. He silently prays so that Luhan would wake up soon, that everything is going to be ok.

How he wish.


Four days have passed. All activities of EXO was postponed and their security was doubled. Sehun visited Luhan every day. The first night he spend to look out Luhan, he cried his eyes out, holding to the elder’s cold hand. Saying that he was sorry and begging for the older to wake up soon.


Four days passed and everything was the same. Luhan’s parents came at the second day. The members still visit him in shift every day.

On fifth day, however, something happened. Sehun widen his eyes in shock seeing that Luhan’s bed was empty. The blanket was on the floor. He was panicking, throw the basket of fruits he was holding. He pressed the button that connected to the nurses repeatedly. He was about to run out of the room when he heard a faint sob from the bathroom.

He carefully opened the bathroom’s door and he felt his soul leave his body slowly.

“Luhan hyung!” He ran towards the man who’s now sitting on the cold floor. With pieces of broken mirror all over him. Sehun felt his throat tightened seeing Luhan’s bleeding knuckles. It’s obvious to know what his hyung just did.

“Hyung! What the hell did you do?” Sehun tried to touch the sobbing man but Luhan moved back, eyed him in terror, shook his head.

“NO! GET AWAY FROM ME!!” Luhan closed his ears with his bleeding hands.

Sehun couldn’t take the miserable sight before him.

“Hyung it’s me. Sehun. Please, hyung. Let’s get your wound treated.” Sehun begged to the older.

Luhan still closed his eye tightly. “NO! PLEASE I BEG YOU!! STOP!! DON’T HURT ME ANYMORE!!”

“No Hyung, it’s me, look at me please?” Sehun was pleading. He tried his best not to break down too.

“NO!! GO AWAY!! I HAVE ENOUGH!!” Luhan chocked as he scream, he coughed, tears still stream down his face. Sehun gets closer to Luhan and squat before the miserable man. “Hyung, come on. Let’s get your wounds treated. Everything’s over. It’s ok, neh?” Sehun said as gentle as possible.

Luhan opened his eyes. Finally look at the magnae in the eyes. “Se…hun..ie?”

“Neh hyung?” Sehun, however, gets worried as he saw Luhan’s pale face. The elder’s face turned white as he shut his swollen eyes.

“Hyung! Luhan hyung!!”


“What happened?” Suho ask Sehun who had his face on his palm, sitting on the seat in front of Luhan’s room.

Sehun sighed. “He woke up hyung. But he doesn’t seem to be able to take the psychological trauma. He told the leader. He couldn’t even cry anymore. Just to think what Luhan had been through to turn the sweet-happy Luhan into the miserable-broken Luhan he just saw, crushed his heart.

A loud scream was heard from Luhan’s room. Then a muffled scream and finally silence.

Suho eyed Sehun worriedly.

“He couldn’t let anyone get closer to him. He freaks out.” Sehun explained more. A tear find its way out of the dam on Sehun’s eye and stream down his face. “What am I supposed to do Hyung?” he asked Suho desperately.

Suho gave Sehun a hug. “This is his fight Sehun-ah, we could only watch over him.”


Every day Luhan’s physical wounds was getting better but not his psychological. Although he wasn’t freak out anymore seeing anyone walks into his room. He still refuses to get touched by someone else other than his mother, he even closed his eyes tightly if a nurse or doctor check up on him.

Sehun could see it clearly, Luhan was trying his best to look okay in front of everyone but somehow Sehun knew that Luhan is still hurting inside. He was traumatized deeply.

Sehun found him crying looking at his bruised body at night. He saw how Luhan muffled his cries with his hands. He curled up into a miserable ball at night and cries his heart out. That was the most heartbreaking sight Sehun had ever seen.

Most of the night, Luhan would wake up screaming, drenched in cold sweat and uneven breath. The tenth night, however, got Sehun really hard.

Sehun who’s now on shift to sleep at the hospital saw Luhan started to shudder and cold sweating.

“Hyung, hyung? Wake up hyung… sssh… it’s nothing… hyung wake up… see you are save…” Sehun patted Luhan’s upper arm gently, trying to wake the older.

“Hnggg…. Stop please… don’t…”

“Hyung.. wake up…”


For a second Sehun thought that the older had awakened but when he saw his still closed eyes. Sehun was taken aback, Sehun was there. On Luhan’s nightmare.

Sehun then opened the drawer on the side table and took Luhan’s phone, the one he had with him when he was attacked. Sehun charged it to have it turned on. He suddenly felt nervous, he checked Luhan’s calling log.


The contact on the very top was him. Sehun wanted to scream, he wanted to cry. Luhan was trying to call him. Maybe because he was the last person he saw before he was attacked but whatever the reason is.. Sehun had failed him.

Sehun walked out from the room with tears streaming down from his face, ignoring D.O’s “Sehunnie, what’s wrong?” when he passed them on the corridor, he walked towards the hospital’s roof. He held the fence at the edge of the building and he cried his heart out.

If only I could help him… If only I didn’t let him went home alone… If only I wasn’t object his offer… If only I had second chance… If only I can turn back time…


Sehun stopped sobbing as he heard the sound of a metallic thing hit the concrete. He looked back and found an object that seemed to be a necklace. He took it and observed it for a second. The pendant was a small hourglass with two layers of circles trapped it.

Sehun lifted the thing and touched the small container of sands. He flipped it once.

Suddenly the circles of the pendant started to spin fast. Sehun was shocked with the object he was holding, he let it fall to the ground. But as the metallic object hits the ground. Everything went white.


Sehun felt like flying for a second before he felt his body was falling from a very tall building. He held his breath. What happened? Was he about to die?

He felt himself falling on his butt and he groaned in pain. Just what the hell did just happen?

“Sehunnie, what are you doing sitting in the ground?”

Sehun shot his eyes opened as he recognizes the voice. It was Luhan’s. “Luhan hyung! You’re ok?”

Luhan raised an eyebrow. “Why wouldn’t I be ok?”

Sehun was about to argue when he saw the calendar behind Luhan.

26 March 2018

“What the…” This was the day where Luhan got attacked. What does this mean? Did he just leapt through the time and comeback to the past?

“Sehunnie, what’s wrong? Are you even listening to me?”

Sehun beamed, “Yes, hyung I’m listening.” He got a second chance and he will not waste it. He looked at the necklace that’s strangely had circled on his neck. He took Luhan’s hand and dragged him. “Let’s go Hyung.”

“Go where?”

“To my dorm of course. You said you wanna spend the night on my dorm?” Sehun said happily.

“Oh wow, I thought you were about to say no.”

“Just come on.” Sehun dragged Luhan to EXO-K’s van.

“Is Luhan hyung coming with us?” Baekhyun asked excitedly. Luhan nodded happily.

“Why aren’t you just go back to our hotel?” Lay asked.

Luhan shrugged. “But EXO-K’s dorm is closer to the company,” Luhan smiled innocently at the others. “Bye!” he said as he entered the van.

“Sehun, do you want to seat at the front seat?” Suho offered him.

“Nah, I just sit at the passenger seat.”

Sehun and Luhan sat with Baekhyun in the middle. They were chatting happily before all of them grew tired. Sehun decided to just seeing the night lamps outside, Luhan was putting on his headset while the others was asleep.

Sehun wiped the dew on the window because of the rain outside. He was startled as he saw that something was written on his wrist.


What was that supposed to mean?

“SHIT!” their manager’s curse got Sehun’s attention.

It was hazy. Everything happened so fast. A truck was coming to their direction. Their manager moved the car to the opposite side. The car was hitting the side of the road. The car was now tumbling on the street.

Faintly, Sehun could see Suho’s body got thrown out from the car.

He wanted to scream for him but everything went blur after.

A loud voice of metals stretch the street… broken glass…

Sehun opened his eyes and find that he was already lay on his stomach on the cold asphalt. He could see Suho’s body three meters before him. Suho had blood all over his face, his shirt was thorn… and his chest isn’t moving…

“No! Hyung!!! SUHO HYUNG!!” He tried to run to the older but the jabbing pain attacked his body as he tried to move.

“NO!! HYUNG!! HYUNG!!!!!!”

Sehun closed his eyes, screaming his lungs out calling for Suho.

“SOMEBODY PLEASE!! PLEASE!!!” He looked back, only to see all of his members and his manager are unconscious, D.O , Kai and Chanyeol was still trapped inside the van.



And the time stops.


Sehun opened his eyes and gasped. He saw his surrounding, only to find Luhan before him. it was like few hours ago when he arrive at this time. Did he turned back the time again?

But why isn’t everything moving. Clock isn’t moving.

“It wasn’t you Sehun-ah, it’s me.”

Sehun looked back and his eyeballs nearly plucked out seeing Luhan was behind him.

“Hyung? What happened?”

Luhan walked closer to Sehun and hold his wrist. Showing the mark “01” he had seen earlier.

“Looks like you still have one more chance, thank god.” Luhan exhale in relief.”

“What’s happening Hyung?” Sehun asked.

Luhan smiled at him. He point the necklace on Sehun’s neck. “That necklace is a device that could make us leap through the time. I have one too.. see..” Luhan showed the identical necklace he had. “This apparently got us ability to do time loop for twice.”

“Only twice?”

Luhan nodded. “Yes, to see the past and go back to our present time.”

“I’m confused Hyung.” Sehun admitted.

Luhan patted the younger’s head. “Look Sehun-ah, I’m not Luhan from this time and I’m not Luhan from 2018 either.”

Sehun was getting more and more confuse now.

“Sehun-ah, I am Luhan from 2020.” Luhan explained once again.

“Wait.. what?”

“The reason I got this necklace is because I was asking for a second chance. Because from the time where I was… Sehunnie you were not the same… you took the blame on the accident that happened to Suho.” Luhan said sadly. “How did you get the necklace?”

Sehun gulped before he started talking. “Hyung in 2018.. you were attacked by a random stranger. You were hurt so bad… from inside and outside… I want to change that hyung… I can’t see you broke down.”

Luhan sighed. “Go back to the time where you were Sehunnie, then nothing will change.”

Sehun eyed Luhan in disbelief. “Then you’ll still be hurt hyung!”

“So be it!”


“SEHUN!” Luhan screamed, tears falling from his doe-eye.

“Why do you willing to do something dangerous just to change that? You know time travelling will cost you trapped in the past and you could completely change the future?”

“But Hyung…”

“Gosh Sehun-ah!” Luhan wiped his tears harashedly. He took a deep breath before start talking, “Could you please just trust me, Sehun-ah?”

“But Hyung…”

“Go back to your time, please…” Luhan sobbed. “I’m not weak Sehun… NO! Listen to me!!” he screamed as he saw Sehun opened his mouth. “I know that the process will be awfully painful but everything will pass… just stay by my side with the others… I’m sure I can get over it.. please Sehun-ah..”

Sehun felt his eyes were getting hotter too. “But it was my fault that you were hurt hyung..”

“I would never blame you and you know that, right?” Luhan sniffed. “Come back to your time Sehun. Don’t fight against fate. You don’t need to change the past…”


“Trust me. I’ll be alright.” Luhan gave Sehun a reassuring smile. “Beside I got you to make sure I will be just fine, right? I also have the other members.”

Sehun sobbed before hug the older man. “I will make sure that everything will be alright, the other members and I will make sure of that. You will be fine. We will take a good care of you.”

“I trust you.”

Sehun could felt Luhan’s hand crept to his necklace. He could feel that Luhan was now holding it tightly.

“See you in the future Sehun-ah.” Luhan said as he flipped the hourglass pendant.


“Sehun-ah!! Sehun-ah!! You can hear me? He’s awake guys!!”

Sehun opened his eyes and found many couples of eyes watching him. “What happened?”

“You fainted on the roof!” Kai supplied him. “Gosh Kyungsoo hyung was so worried, I think he is still crying now.”

“I’m not!!” Kyungso’s protest was heard from another side of the room.

“When Luhan hyung woke up earlier he was kind of looking for you. He was worried when he know you fainted. He wanted to come but he was getting daily treatment first…” Lay talk in a very fluent Korean.

Sehun  was about to sit up when the other complained. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Get outa bed?”

“Nu-uh, you stay here. Doctor said so!” D.O said, preventing Sehun to get out.

“But hyung..”

“No buts..”


“Don’t whine Sehunnie!”

“Hyung I’m hungry.”

A loud growl was heard from the magnae’s stomach, making all people in that room laugh.


The next morning, Sehun decided to pay Luhan a visit. He knew the Luhan he was about to meet isn’t Luhan who told him to go back to the present time. He knew this was the traumatized-vulnerable Luhan. But he wanted to meet him anyway.

The hourglass necklace was gone after he comes back to the present time and he didn’t bother to look for it.

Sehun knocked the door softly before stepping into the room. He found Luhan had waked up. He was now sitting on the bed, looking outside the window.

“Hyung?” Sehun called softly, trying not to startled the older.

Luhan looked at him and smile. “Sehunnie.”

They only exchange awkward smile after. Sehun didn’t actually know what to say so he just kept quiet.

It was the older who opened his mouth first. “I’ve been thinking a lot.”

“About what?”

“About what happened. The nightmare still comes but while I’m shrinking in fear, time won’t stop for me. I should start to mend myself. For my parents, for our fans, for EXO and for myself. I know it’s gonna be hard but I won’t be alone so it’s not impossible, right? Don’t you think so?” Luhan only looked at Sehun who’s now giving him an intense stare. “Sehunnie?”

Luhan’s words makes Sehun realize that he didn’t care whether he’s past, present or future Luhan. He’s his Luhan hyung. That’s it. No matter it’s in the future, past or present Luhan will always be Luhan.


“Deh hyung.” Sehun smiled back. “Everything’s gonna be alright from now on.”












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    I like this one ^_^ it’s long but touching.

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    this is just beautifuly awesome ;-; I love the plot. Keep up the good work 🙂

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    Excellent notable analytical attention with regard to details and may foresee difficulties
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