giveaway copyNFEJ gading

Thank you for participations ^^

We will read and see your letter-fanfiction-fanart-video soon ^^

We need time to check about it ^^

So, we will anounce 10 Best Fanfictions on Jan 25th 2013

(We are going to inform you from emails and we will publish it in exo1stwonderplanet.wordpress.com )

And for the final results of The 1st Winner of Fanfiction will be announce on Feb 1st 2013

And will announce Letter-Video-Fanart winners on Feb 1st 2013

(We decided to use 10 Best Letters in our book, since we decided to make printed book)


Promote Competition

-You must FOLLOW @adoreablEXO @WkpopersINA @Kichimarket_ to JOIN THIS BIG GIVEAWAY. Also REBLOG / RESHARED this POST or LINK in your tumblr/wordpress/blog/website.

-THIS PROMOTE COMPETITION is will be held on January 22nd 2013 00.00 AM KST – January 24st 2013 23.59 PM KST.

-You need to put #9monthswithAdoreablEXO #AdoreablEXOBigGiveaway

-Promote @adoreablexo also @wkpopersina with YOUR CREATIVITY

-You can use English or your local language

-You need to do it CONSTANTLY IN 3 DAYS. And we CHOOSE it RANDOMLY.

-The winner will get Official Desk Calendar of EXO.

We will anounce the winner through TWITTER and WORDPRESS

So dont forget to check it ^^

Once again, thank you for your participations ^^

We are one! Saranghaja

-HJS Founder

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